$1,000,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2024 by Samson Mow

$1 million per Bitcoin I know that Sounds wild but that is what the Bitcoin Proponent Samson Mau is expecting to see As soon as next year the next crypto Bull market he says will be Fundamentally different from previous Ones I don't believe there's always Going to be the same cycle every four Years it's basically Supply shock Multiplied by demand shock and that Gives you price shock in this video I Asked Samson about the rationale behind This price pred ition and why this may Be a good moment to accumulate digital Gold before we get into it if you enjoy Our content consider leaving a like and Subscribing to our Channel I'm joavan Your host and this is a coin Telegraph Interview according to analysts the Interest from retail investors has been Still stagnating despite this in Price what is what is your take on this What do you think is driving this rally So I don't think this rally is a very Special rally this is a rally for ants So the real rally is when we go to 1 Million and that is when the spot ETFs Are approved and we have tens of Billions maybe hundreds of billions of Dollars inflowing to bitcoin in a very Short time frame I'm talking about weeks And or days to weeks so that is the real Rally but um to answer your question the Uh driver I think for this uptick in um

Bitcoin price movement is family offices And institutional buyers um maybe not in The US but more in Europe and other Places around the world so what we've Been hearing is that a lot of family Offices have started allocating to Bitcoin in three to five million chunks And this is what is sustaining the Demand right now but I think that's Going to change when the spot ETFs are Approved because then you unlock the the US institutional capital and that has Been waiting for a long time to get into Bitcoin so $1 million for Bitcoin um you Recently doubled down on this Expectations for future bitcoin price Would you mind to tell us what are the Catalyst the main catalyst that are Going to drive Bitcoin to $1 million and What is the time frame you are looking For um in terms of Bitcoin reaching this This Milestone right so I said it is highly Possible that Bitcoin does reach 1 Million after spot ETFs are approved so For me for my prediction the catalyst is That unlocking of a torrent of capital To pour into Bitcoin in a very short Time frame because it also looks like All the ETFs are going to be approved on The same day if not in the a very short Time frame so what you do is you're Hitting a very limited supply of Bitcoin On the exchanges and available for

Purchase with a a torrent of money so It's basically Supply shock multiplied By demand shock and that gives you price Shock so this is why you can go really High all at one time and we've seen Bitcoin go up 20x in about nine months Back in 2016 2017 so it's not unheard of That bitcoin price appreciates by 20x I Think when you're saying I'm doubling Down I was critiquing or commenting on Biology's prediction ear this year about Bitcoin going to 1 million but his Prediction was predicated on banking Collapse and money printing but my Theory is that money Printing is sort of like uh boiling the Water very slowly you know you you crank Up the temperature very gradually so It's not a shock to the system and it Takes years for that to kind of permeate The uh economy and people to understand That money has been printed 1 million Runup with the ETFs is a shock the System is not that slow boil where you Heat it up gradually it is you know Cranking it up to thousands of degrees All at once and this is why I think you Can run up to 1 million I have a um Counterargument here concerning your Prediction because you were talking About Bitcoin potentially getting to 1 Million so 20x from 50,000 um you mentioned the fact that That it's possible because it happened

In the past but as we know um every Cycle the um bit Bitcoin appreciates Less than in the previous one so in the Last cycle um Bitcoin went from around 10,000 to 67,000 right so that's like a 67x this time if we follow that logic we Should have less than that so maybe four Or three x so don't you think that 1 Million looking at from that point of View is a little bit too Much yeah that's a a good criticism so I'm not saying we will go 20x because we Did go 20x in the past I'm just saying There is a precedent for that but I I Don't believe that the past will predict Future so I don't believe there's always Going to be the same cycle every four Years I think that's just a coincidence But um to counter your counter I think Things are very different this time when We ran up to 6068 69 there was no major source of new Capital and Bitcoin was not ESG Compliant so Black Rock filing is Essentially them giving a blessing to Bitcoin saying Bitcoin is green Bitcoin Is good for the environment now so There's these two new things that are at Play here we're we're now green and There is new money coming in before There was not money coming in and I Think it is true all things else equal If there is no new money coming in

There's no change in the perception of Bitcoin it will become harder to to have That big multiple but things are very Different now because you have a massive Amount of capital trying to allocate Into Bitcoins what would be the time Frame that you that you are considering In this 1 million sort of Benchmark uh Do are you are you looking at like one Year three years 10 years it's going to Be days to weeks I think so the runup in 2017 was 9 months to 20x and again Without any new source of institutional Capital or institutional capital at all So given that we're going to have Billions and billions pouring in all at Once on ETF approvals I think it's going To be a much shorter time frame early This year um sort of um new element was Introduced in the Bitcoin space which Were ordinals so ordinals for those who Don't know are sort of nfts minted on The Bitcoin blockchain if we want to Simplify how they work we talked earlier This year and you were saying that Ordinals were basically you were saying That this was not like a permanent Trend And that uh it was just like a a hype of A few few months and then they would Have just disappeared but we are almost At the end of the year and we see that This trend has not going has not gone Down it has been actually increasing Have you have you changed your mind

About Ordinals not really I mean the way I Look at the Bitcoin Network and all the Things around it is on a very longtime Horizon so I said that they're not Interesting I said that they'll probably Be dis disappear in a few months and They did for some time and now it seems Like there's some new capital coming in And people are minting stuff again so It's it's really just like any altcoin Project they have ups and downs and They're quite volatile in terms of Demand and interest and it's really just A group of people pushing for adoption I Don't think there's any real usage of it It's just if you look at ordinals it's What bsv people they're building all the Software it's a lot of people from Ethereum and other blockchains that want To do these types of things it's not Really the bitcoiners that are Interested in this it's just some people Saying you know this is now on bitcoin And now it's interesting but I think I Said before in the last interview They'll move on to something when There's something new because they have To find something new you make a Fundamental distinction between Bitcoin And everything else ethereum was there When I when I entered the the crypto Space quite battle tested as well it has Been through several Cycles Black Rock

Which has filed an application for AIT Of an ethereum um of a spot ethereum ETF So from that perspective it seems that It's more like Bitcoin and Bitcoin and Ethereum in one basket and then Everything else what do you think about This Yeah okay so let's dissect this a little Bit black rock is not necessarily A Force for good now I think we have to Separate the two things I think in General I'm excited that they are in and They're giving uh Bitcoin the credit it Deserves as an environmental technology Where we can remove uh things like Methane and flare gases through mining But they're not the savior of Bitcoin And we should not say anybody is you Know the savior of Bitcoin what they're Doing is good for Bitcoin but they don't Really understand and I think that is Why they're filing for an ethereum ETF As well because they are still in it for The money maybe they're going to do some Other shitcoin ETF Who knows I don't discount that but I Only care that they're doing the Bitcoin One and they're doing it First okay and so the fact that ethereum Has been also withstanding so many uh Cycles up and downs doesn't really mean Much for you in terms of making a Difference here not really it's just the The the best at security uh the best at

Decentralization theater they were the First to establish that model where we Have a a Swiss Foundation and it's Decentralized but the fact is they Launched it as a almost a security I Think the problem is so much time has Passed that The Regulators are not going After them so they're kind of Lucky in That sense and there are other lucky Ones too I mean uh what was the other One EOS they paid a small fine and They're sitting with billions of dollars So it's just a sign that the regulatory System doesn't work that well if you're In first and you're the first to scam You get off scotf Free so I'm really excited to see uh if Your prediction is going to uh Materialize uh we're going to be in Touch in the next uh months in 2024 Which is definitely going to be exciting For Bitcoin and crypto regardless of um The exact price prediction but I'm sure Um we're going to see some big movements So yeah thanks a lot again for being on Our show and see you next Time all right thanks Javanni


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