10 Habits That Made Me A Multi-Millionaire By 25

One of my all-time favorite quotes came From a movie I watched seven years ago Called the kingsman before the main Character and his mentor were about to Get into a fight at the bar the mentor Dropped this line manners maketh man now That quote is a popular saying that it's Been around for centuries and it means That one's behaviors and manners are an Essential aspect of their character and They Define who they are as a person now If I could tell the younger version Myself one thing it would be this Manners maketh man but habits maketh the Millionaire So in this video here I'm going to share With you my complete list of 10 habits That have absolutely changed my life From worrying about money every single Day to being in debt to now making Millions of dollars I believe if you Follow every single one of these habits Consistently that you too can change Your life and if one of your goals is to Make a million dollars and more I Believe that is fully possible so to Begin the first habit that has made me a Multi-millionaire and I truly believe This and it's something very simple that All of you guys can do and that is Reading every single day ask anyone who Knows me well but I try to read anything I can get my hands on and this could be From just reading generic books to going

Through articles and even in the grocery Store when I'm standing in line Oftentimes I read those magazines if It's taken a while and to even this one I thought actually a lot more people did This but then I found out not a lot of People do it and I'm a little weird but I actually like reading the manuals of The laundry machine or of the or just Pretty much any new piece of technology That I get one of the reasons I do this Is because I've had a habit of wanting To learn new content and expand my skill Set in any Market that I can there's Been many studies that have also shown The benefits of children reading books And I fully believe that reading not Only benefits children but it can even Benefit adults if not even more than What children are getting in some recent Science backed stats we've also heard That reading has been proven to Aid Depression it reduces mental decline by 32 percent it can lower your blood Pressure and heart rate leading to a Lower risk of stroke and heart disease And also reading gives you new ideas and It promotes creativity in a popular Survey that came out a few years back it Was actually shown that the average Fortune 500 CEO reads four to five books Per month and I know that might seem a Bit more excessive and time consuming But the successful businessmen and

Business woman know the importance of Fueling your mind with new ideas tricks And strategies with social media and Technology withering away at our already Short attention spans this here I Believe is the most important habit that Has allowed me to have access to Untapped wisdom and meaning in my life Now it's important to note that growing Up I was never a huge reader and frankly I admit here that I actually hated to Read but about four to five years back I Remember just hearing some places from Entrepreneurs talking about the value of Books and I got into things like Rich Dad Poor Dad the four hour work week and Atomic habits and I slowly realized just How amazing it was to have access to Knowledge that I could tap into at any Time whether I needed to learn about Business marketing or starting a YouTube Channel or just getting Insight on Finances and how to grow my money all of This was available online or just in the Form of books for me to read now whether You read four books a month or you just Start with one good book every few Months I believe that just having Intention of being able to sit down stay Present and consume content from someone Who might know it a little bit better Than us is tremendously valuable in Itself if you're someone like me who you Know you really still don't like reading

Books no matter what I remember even Just a few years back when I was first Working the commute on that was about an Hour to work and then hour back and in The car ride I'd actually listened to Audiobooks on on the way and even with That as long as you're listening and Paying attention I believe they're still Equal or if not more value than just Reading a plain book the less articles And less short form content we consume The more you're going to be able to grow The patience that you can then apply to Other things in life going back into the Topic of books some of my favorite ones That I grew up reading was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill the wealthy Gardener time management not mind Management by Dave Academy and the OG Top selling book on my list the Bible Now the second habit here on my list is Working out so if you follow me on Social media you will know how much Health means to me there was a time when I was going to the gym five to seven Days a week while still being able to Play division one rugby and there were Even other times I would exercise twice A day no matter what after I got sent to Military school back in the good old Days of sixth grade I've been working Out pretty consistently it was around The age I believe I was like 13 or 14 Before I could even get my own gym

Membership that I had built my own Raggedy bench press in my parents Basement teach myself the fundamentals Of lifting weights before I began to Make the habit of working out an Essential part of my life almost as Essential as just drinking water now It's through this habit of working out That I've learned pushing myself to the Limit not only strengthens my body but Also the mind I've also learned that in This life that you know we're gonna go Through many stresses and different Types of hardships and working out Eventually became a form of therapy and Something that I actually looked most Forward to at the beginning of the day Through working out I found direct Benefits and just even having more Confidence and having more energy to Work and just being able to have the Mindset and mentality to overcome a lot Of those obstacles that we Face day to Day it's important to note that no Matter where you are I mean you don't Even need a gym membership there's still Plenty of different exercises that you Can do at your home with your body Weight alone and even with going on YouTube and looking up some quick Exercises you can find that this here Really costs no money and you can get Started today nowadays when I'm feeling Burnt out I know that if I go to the gym

I'll come back feeling more renewed and Recharged a lot of times people assume Okay if I go to the gym I'm gonna be Exhausted because I'll be tired for the Rest of the day once you build up the Habits of doing this and this is Actually the key here you'll realize That a lot of the things that normally Take a lot of willpower and energy to Complete eventually become autonomous And it goes into your subconscious and Then your unconscious mind where you Don't have to try you don't have to Exert extra energy in order to do these Healthy habits and it just becomes a Natural part of your routine in addition To the dopamine and endorphins that your Body puts out when working out exercise Also promotes neuroplasticity and this Is a huge role in learning new skills or Learning new activities and just Becoming better at staying flexible and They would say being young in order to Learn different things now the third Habit here on my list this is the most Underrated one and this is actually Walking so according to multiple studies The most creative people actually tend To find Solutions and ideas of or you Know what is called the aha moment During times when they're doing Something else and they're not trying to Stress and find the solution to the Problem daily walking opens up the

Gateway or the door for you to have more Access to those aha moments now this is Because several Studies have shown that Just walking outside helps mitigate the Feelings of anxiety or when you get Overwhelmed and allows you to build more Creativity by increasing the energizing Effects of fresh oxygen coming to your Brain and just moving for me I remember In the last four to five years even Before I had credit Astro here that I Would go ahead on these intentional Walks every single day to get some Sunlight and to get some fresh air and It was in these moments where I had some Of the best video ideas that have done Crazy amounts of numbers on this channel And even some of the craziest and best Most successful business ideas came from A lot of these walks now aside from just The mental benefit that you get it's Also a great form of exercise I remember Back in high school there was a girl I Knew she was about 300 to 400 plus Pounds a great great person but you know She was struggling a little bit with her Weight I remember one year I saw her she Had turned into a complete completely Different person I couldn't even Recognize her she was down to about a Hundred pounds and I had asked her what That one secret was and she said she Just went on a lot of walks throughout The day so walking is not only a great

Way to just take a break and to you know Tap into that Creative Energy but it was A great way for people to lose weight to Stay active to get those steps into now There's a lot more studies showing just How bad sitting is for our health thing Walking and just being able to move this Is something natural to us it's what our Ancestors used to do and a lot of people Tend to forget so having little tools For me even like something like this my Aura ring it tells me how often I'm Walking you don't need this you could Have an Apple Watch you could even just Keep your phone in your pocket and track How many steps you walk and just by Incorporating small bits of habits and Little things like this within your day Maybe a brisk walk once a day twice a Day three times a day you'll start to Notice a lot of the shifts in your life It's as little and simple as something Like just getting fresh air and being Present and going for a walk where I Believe has really contributed to my Success over the past few years now the Fourth habit here here on this list is To keep an optimistic framework now what Does this mean so keeping an optimistic Framework just goes into keeping a Positive attitude or just having Positive self-affirmations I remember When I started business and I really Started to tap into the whole

Self-development world this one shift in My mindset allowed me to keep going when I thought none was possible I remember a Countless amount of times to just trust The process even when I had achieved Nothing and seen zero results as humans It's natural for us to constantly worry And to deal with negative thoughts but By filling it up with positive healthy Affirmations this is what can allow you To keep going when things get tough or When you're unable to keep up with some Of the earlier habits that I even Mentioned now it's important to know That self-affirmations like just doing This is not going to make you a Multi-millionaire overnight but by Backing the good positive affirmations With dedicated hard work I believe that You can set yourself up for a journey of Success now the fifth habit here on my List this is going to be entering Flow State now I'm sure everyone has felt Flow before this could happen to you When you're playing a video game and all Of a sudden you realize like three hours Has passed by and you had no idea or you Get sucked into reading a book and all Of a sudden a lot of time is flown by Getting to the state is going to lead to Higher output a higher quality of work And it can give you a sense of clarity On what needs to be accomplished and it Also makes whatever activity you're

Doing much more pleasurable now if You're able to take the ability of going Into Flow State then putting that Something like the work that you do this Is where things start clicking I realize At a certain point that for me in order To get into Flow State back when I was Living at home my parents it was too Chaotic in the house it was too messy That I would have to drive to a Starbucks I would have to put my noise Canceling headphones I'd have to put on A certain Lo-Fi playlist and even things Like this there are triggers that you Can create like chewing gum before I Play a rugby game and I wanted to put Myself more in that flow State I'd Always chew a piece of gum there are Sometimes different times when this Happens if you're really tired in the Morning it's going to be harder to enter This state but maybe towards the end of The night if you're a night owl this is When you can find yourself entering it Even easier now ladies and gents I Believe being able to go into Flow State At your control is actually one of the Most powerful tools that you can have so Regardless of whatever work or job or Industry you're in if you're able to Stay present and enjoy what you're doing This will change your life and if I can Only choose one habit out of all the Ones that I mentioned if I can

Continuously get into Flow State this is The exact habit that I would keep around This here is huge and there's actually a Ton of great resources on this and a ton Of books if you literally just look up Flow State book you'll find endless Amounts whether you're an athlete an Entrepreneur or you're just trying to be A better person take a look at this Because it really is game changing now The sixth habit here on my list is to Learn a high income skill now there are Skills like video editing writing Graphic designing and online marketing That are invaluable in today's business World as an example when I first got Into the whole world of YouTube I had no Experience in this a lot of people Always thought that I went to school for Like you know videography editing Journey journalism I mean I've heard it All did I go to school for finances a Business no I actually went to school For criminal justice thinking that you Know one day I wanted to be a detective And to be like an FBI agent or CIA I Always thought that was really cool all Of this knowledge and the skills that I Learned came from the internet and came From the act of doing first and if I was Able to do it with just the internet and Zero dollars in my pocket this is Something that I know all of you guys Have access to as well so whether it was

Editing these videos early on or you Know doing graphic designs for Thumbnails or just the ins and outs of Videography like knowing the audio like I got a I got audio player you know all This stuff I had to set up at some point Or setting up the video angle or knowing A little bit of design so I got a decent Looking Studio it's all these type of Things by learning these skills I was Able to monetize my own personal brand But I can also offer my service as a Freelancer or a contractor all of this Is available online I've made countless Amount of videos on starting side Hustles starting different types of Skills getting into different businesses And if you have a computer and I know Most of y'all do and this year there is A game-changing habit that I recommend Everyone to learn now for habit number Seven this is actually to cut out Negative people so all the things that I Talked about it was picking up something Or doing something proactively but this One here is to avoid something and this Is huge I realized in the beginning of My journey that I was surrounded by a Lot of negativity and this would Actually prevent me a ton from being Able to grow my business and to change My mindset now guys I even have crazy Stories where like I had friends who had Made fake Instagram accounts to DM some

Of my old businesses to tell me how it Wasn't gonna work out or how worthless It was there were also countless amount Of times where I decided to tell my Friends at that time I don't want to Hang out I don't want to go out I just Want to stay home I want to work on my Business and it would make me feel Guilty about it I think many Entrepreneurs have a story similar to This but it is so important for you to Realize that you need to move away from Negativity you need to move away from People that aren't going to be a good Influence and it's in those moments Where even things like this where you Say no to yourself know the video games No to drugs no to alcohol will know to Eating unhealthy Foods or no to Pornography it's things like this where You start to create a better system and A healthy lifestyle for yourself and It's from saying no to these things that You get revealed all these better things In life there was an old saying that I Used to keep in mind and this is still Very relevant nowadays and it's that you Become the average of the five people That you spend the most amount of time With so I looked at the five most Average people that were closest to me In my life and I realized okay maybe for At least this temporary moment I need to Learn to say no and that was actually

One of the ways that I truly believe That I could begin to separate myself And to start making an impact in what I Did try your best to avoid people like This because negativity is truly a toxic Trait and if you're trying to improve Your life to at least become a Millionaire one day you need to surround Yourself with positivity and to have Good healthy positive relationships Surrounding you for habit number eight This year is huge and this is journaling And I found that daily journaling was Essential in for me to maintain Consistency with all the habits that I Had not only that but journaling has Allowed me to stay motivated because I Could track my progress I could plan out What I want and make sure that I am Moving towards that goal and last but Not least journaling allowed me to Relieve so many stress in all the times That I felt overwhelmed this is because Just the act of getting your mind and Your thoughts that may be running onto a Piece of paper there's really a lot of Power in that and just doing that having A clear head it allowed me to focus on Some of the other habits that have Allowed me to be successful journaling Does not take up a lot of time it can Literally be like five to ten minutes of Your day and if you don't want to Journal with a piece of paper and Pen

You can also do this on your phone Within the notes section or there are a Lot of little apps where you can log in A daily reflection I personally love the Fact that I chose to journal and not go With the digital format because now I Have stacks of different journals that I Can look back to and if I want to see What old Billy Jung was thinking back in 2018 I just opened up that journal back Then and see exactly what my goals were What was on my mind what my stresses Were and what my dreams word that I Achieve and it truly is a rush of Inspiration anytime I go through those Journals and just realize what my goals Were back then and seeing how far I've Came now so if you've never journaled Before if you're not consistent pick This habit up it really is worth doing Now the ninth habit here on my list is To visualize and to have a dream board When I started this back then I didn't Realize how powerful it would be but Having the constant visualization of my Goals and dreams for me to see boosted My motivation and my drive and it Allowed me to also feel more optimistic About the future even if that success Didn't happen at that time visualization Also increased my confidence by allowing Me to see a positive outcome on what I Was doing at the time even though I Didn't see a direct reward this is

Because I was working countless amount Of hours but I was not making money and Even during the times where I saw more Output but I'll seem less in the bank Account I would look at my vision board I'll look at the dreams and realize okay This is just temporary and I know that Things will get better and I will have That dream car I will have that dream Apartment and I will have that a hundred Thousand dollars in my bank account if You have never visual realize what your Dream future would look like the car Start today it's okay to have the car That you want on the background of your Phone it's okay to print it out and put It in a photo frame for you to see every Day if your dream is something less Materialistic and it's like you know Having a nice healthy family or having That dream relationship or having the Dream trip with your loved ones that's All viable too but have visualization of What you do because if you're able to See it that is one step closer to Achieving it now for habit number 10 I Believe this here is one of the most Important things that I've done over the Past one to two years that has allowed Me to go from just making a hundred Thousand dollars consistently every Single year to Breaking past the Multi-million dollar level and I believe This is what's going to allow me to go

From Seven figures to the eight to even Hopefully one day nine figure Mark and That is to build efficient systems as an Entrepreneur you're wearing a lot of Hats and if you want to become a Millionaire you need to eventually learn To build systems this doesn't just have To happen within your work but Building Systems all across your life is going to Be one of the best ways that you can say Save time save stress and allows you to Focus on the things that matter this Could be like if I get an Amazon package Instead of just you know leaving it out There to sit I have a system of opening The package throwing away the trash Putting it where it belongs and making Sure that my place is tidy so I don't Have to spend one whole day cleaning my Entire house aside from that you could Also have a system of going to the gym And knowing what you're gonna do so Instead of just going on your phone and You know thinking about what workout am I going to hit how many sets you have a System okay when I go to the gym I'm Gonna get this yoga mat I'm gonna foam Roll I'm gonna do this five to ten Minute stretch I'm gonna get into this Workout here that I do every single Monday you have a system that is in Place that allows you to focus on other Habits it's eventually where you have The proper systems where if you want to

Outsource to having a team that they can Pick up on the system that you have this Is also within the corporate world Called an sop or a scope of procedure And this is where you can start getting Loads of your work off and then start Moving forward so regardless of whatever Stage you are in life try to build Systems and all the things that you do Whether it's it's going to work or you Know trying to build up certain Processes or even the way that you may Look after your kids if they're going to School and then you gotta feed them and Do all this you can pre-cook or have These meals or these systems where they Know what you're going to do and you can Save a lot more time at the end so Ladies and gents in conclusion Discipline out of all of these is going To be the most important key in adopting Habits and staying consistent now to Become a millionaire it's not necessary To adopt all 10 habits even nowadays I Don't keep up with every single one Every single day but incorporating as Many as you can can improve your chance Of success so you know if you miss Journaling one day but you're able to go To the gym I do think just the act of Having healthy habits will be able to Change your life and guys look all of This is a journey you don't have to be a Super soldier you're also supposed to

Live and enjoy your things now just know That these 10 habits have contributed a Hundred percent to the success that I Have today but it doesn't mean that you Need to do it every single day and it's The only way take this as motivated Inspiration and hopefully you guys are Able to get some value out of this if You have any type of favorite habit let Me know Down Below in the comments as Well and if you guys want to watch a Video similar to this or you know how to Make money a full system guide Throughout this recession check out that Video linked down below here on the Screen somewhere on this side and also Give me a follow over on Instagram on Twitter if you haven't done so already Thank you all so much again for watching And until next time peace out


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