10 Crypto Coins Better Than Ethereum (Like Buying ETH at $80)

Ethereum went from $80 to over $44,000 In the last Bull Run and I still like Eth I'm still a big eth bull but I just Want to find the next one here are 10 Altcoins with better Tech better teams Or just better hype in 2024 and keep in Mind I cannot see the future I am not a Financial adviser and past performance Does not guarantee future results so Never invest more in crypto than you are Willing to lose but coin number one Polygon the ecosystem is exploding Here's a list of the major Brands big Brands that are choosing to build on Polygon these last few years and if We're looking at Trends not only is Polygon a blue chip layer too but also a Leader in the tech of zero knowledge the Core of kind of everything that we build Is based on zero knowledge technology um We acquired two separate companies in uh 2021 U both of them one of them focused Purely on ZK research um and they're the Ones who have written the open source Software plunky 2 plunky 3 that are used By almost everyone in the ecosystem uh That is working on on ZK uh technology Uh and then we acquired a second company That is more like a production focused Um ZK team so when you build using like Any polygon technology what you get is Not only the technology that actually Exists but a team that continues to Build on it that is the leading team now

As we continue on this list today the Coins will get progressively newer more Lower cap crypto ctoc currencies so Watch the whole video coin number two on Today's listu s is a layer one Blockchain designed to make digital Asset ownership fast private secure and Accessible to everyone just in the last Week s surged past 350 million total Value locked in fact now they're number 12 among all chains and here's 90 Seconds on why they say they have better Tech better team and why everything Eventually will be built on sweet so we Believe every application that has a Form of ownership whether you're Delivering tickets to people for a Concert whether you're dealing with Rewards a Rewards program for fandom Whether you're dealing with cdbc Central Bank diesel currencies whether you're Dealing with any form of digital F Finance of Commerce will happen onui and That's where we think we succeed we Think we have the tech to do that our Tech is unrivaled in the industry and Our Tech is actually backed by world World leading papers right and research So we don't just invent this things Obviously pant it's actually reviewed by The top most universities and academics In the world leading academics in the World and beyond that as well we built a Very unique team Sam black Shar is

Inventor of move he actually invented a Move language Evan one of the co- Contributors to llvm which is what runs In every single one of your phones today Georan is probably one of the most Famous scientists in Greece but you know Very highly cited expert in distrib Systems and Costas who ran crypto at Facebook and also all the crypto you're Using on WhatsApp a lot of that was is Is been invented by a team that he led As well coin number three out of 10 Cardano they're one of the Blue Chip L1 Smart contract platforms and as a Decentralized blockchain based on peer Reviewed research and highly secure hcll Coding language founder of the project Charles hoskinson gives a growth update Cardano there's about 170 full-time devs Uh monthly active devs about 490 uh 2, 796 repos that are inside the ecosystem And about a million three million Commits these numbers aren't fully Accurate but they're moving in the right Direction and the trend lines are also Looking really good that uh we stayed Really productive as an ecosystem all The way through the bare market so even Though bull markets coming to an end We're still building there's still Interest and with a new token called Midnight being air dropped the token Dust being air dropped to all cardano Hodlers I believe everybody here is an

ADA holder Ada holders will get a token Drop for midnight so everybody can get Access to this that's another reason People will be hodling next coin on our List as we get more lower cap partner of The channel energy they describe Themselves as the safest blockchain in The world an ethereum based L1 Protecting you from hacks scams and Theft it shows three layers to Security In a recent interview I did with the Founder linked down below he explains Energy defense and there three layers of Security the first layer is need to be Alerted okay because sometimes if you Get hacked or have your spun stol and You don't know right away right usually People find out hopefully within a day But not always so the best way to have It is wallet alerts you get an email if You get your fund stolen that's number One so any blockchain could do that so Just getting alerted to any of these Scams in crypto just getting alerted is Layer one okay level two is what I built Uh which I don't know anyone anyone else Who's built it which is governance on The blockchain level so governance that Allows us to do asset recovery and to Freeze Bad actors so how energy protects Users against Crime number one the Victim reports the crime number two the Energy Bureau of Investigations votes to Temporarily freeze the attacker's

Address number three the ebi conducts an Initial investigation and if a verified Crime is found a governance vote freezes The attacker's address pending a Thorough investigation all this is Decentralized governance and then layer Three a 3.5 day settlement delay so That's level two that ability to freeze Bad actors and to do an asset recovery There's a third level too and this is Where we're just going above and beyond Because no one's on level two yet the Third level is you need a three-day Delay when funds are going to a bridge Or to an exchange the reason for that is Because if a if a hacker or Thief steals Money what's the first thing they're Going to do they're gonna they're going To dump it right usually they'll dump The asset they'll move it to an exchange And dump it or Get It Out Of Reach so You need that three-day delay so I Personally believe that security in General is only becoming a bigger Narrative day-to-day with the increase Of these cyber crimes energy is Positioning themselves to capture that Market be that solution it's also Interesting that almost half the supply Is locked up in master nodes which has Been steadily growing through the bare Market shows a loyal core Community hey And it makes sense because the ROI on Master nodes is 18% and just staking Roi

In general 9% always more to discuss Including with their GMI going to make It nft Marketplace featuring guaranteed Royalties and Powerful anti- Theft Protection I hear more airdrops are Coming for users in the future and by The way guys want this is like I know It's like out of the box stuff but we've Been doing this for three years and next Up crypto project number five just on Brand awareness alone is lime wire I Don't know if you call it streaming Service at the time but it was that at The time and now it's back but this time AI is essentially making the music so For company that used to be known for Stealing from artists or just not paying Artists you could download music Illegally now they're on the blockchain And they're using crypto and AI to make Sure all artists have ownership explain The new liar if you if you want to call It new and and the role of AI yes so we Launched lire we relaunched it pretty Much last year already as a creative Focus platform um within the last 12 Months or so we've seen a lot of user Generated content a lot of requests from Our community to get the ability to also Create content themselves which is why We made a big leap into the AI space now Pretty much enabling anyone on the Platform to become a content creator and To also start creating their own music

And by the way they're not trying to Compete with the spotifi they're not a Music distributor uh we don't really see Ourselves as a distribution model for For existing creators it's much more Getting users to generate their own Content so we have hundreds of thousands Of users which are creating content on a Daily basis um and they can now with in The AI Studio do it with a matter of a Couple of minutes to get the content That they really enjoy with only fully Licensed music to empower ownership that We have we've actually put a lot of Thought into this um all the training Data that we use is completely licensed So also the uh music results that users Get from the AI studio is licensed Content our paid users can also use that Content and use it commercially on other Platforms uh which has been one of the Big parts that we put a lot of focus on In the in the development phase next Coin on our list actually one trending Right now Manta Network so Manta Network We are a modular ecosystem for web three Applications and specifically Manta Pacific is our L2 deployment or ethereum Based L2 deployment that leverages Celestia for modular data availability And so we've been live for about uh Three months now and we are currently an Optimistic rollup and we're in the Process of transitioning over to zkm

Leveraging polygon cdk so backed by Polychain backed by binance labs and Using polygon layer zero and Celestia There's a reason that right now they're The fastest growing L2 next coin on our List is bit tensor they are one of the Top emerging protocols for AI and Machine learning we I I'm a engineer at On the cortex team at open tensor and we Develop a uh the protocol called bit Tensor it's a peer-to-peer decentralized Protocol that enables artificial Intelligence to learn from each other And as explained by one of their Software developers this is how they're Different we Leverage two types of Technologies it's called mixtures of Experts and Distillation um with distillation raise Your hand uh has anyone played with mid Journey V5 yeah yeah pretty good right pretty Good so what's really cool about Distillation is that what they had to do In order to create mid Journey V5 was They had 4K Hollywood movies that they Trained on with the subtitles from those Movies collected you know incredible Amount of data there but with Distillation I can go get a th text image pairs from Mid Journey V5 take a standard you know Uh stable diffusion model and then Fine-tune it on that and boom now I have

Mid Journey V5 this is one of the Technologies that bittins are heavily Leverages um with distillation um Through the network through the Prompting Network you can you can create These data sets very easily and we also Leverage mixtures of experts by instead Of having one large model um we have a Bunch of different specialized models um Wired up kind of like a series in a Battery you know wired up to where the Voltage is higher and we can see just Some of the Innovation on one of the Many subnets voice cloning this is Michael Jackson speaking to you not in Person but through the marvels of modern Technology thanks to the incredible Advancements in voice cloning powered by Subnet 16 on bit tensor and actually Next coin on our list for AI data Infrastructure it's AI protocol and did Somebody say bit tensor they have Officially registered and as bit tenser Is a decentralized open-source machine Learning Network allowing AI to train on Multiple inputs simultaneously it Utilizes subnets where the data sets are Validated by numerous sources the news Today is that subnet registration Complete stay tuned to learn about how This will impact the AIT protocol Ecosystem and bring benefits to AIT Stakers next coin of note is Bonsai seed As they've just launched their no code

Solution for developers to build um it's Been performing quite well and when we Explained it it's pretty easy to see why It's performing quite well and that's Bonsai seed sort of the WordPress for Crypto yeah so you can think of this as Like the WordPress for web 3 this is a No code solution like WordPress so I Don't have any coding skills I don't Know what to do I want to build a Website what do I do got to WordPress Can slide a few things around boom I got A website but this you can now launch Tokens you can set vesting schedules Staking all these other things in a no Code man manner using Bonsai so a WordPress for web 3 does have the Potential to onboard thousands of Projects and millions of users into Crypto this is really important because In web 2 WordPress has generated over 800 million Websites they're generating billions of Dollars the no code industry in 2019 was A billion it's now worth 13 billion Again just understand that crypto in General is very risky never invest more Than you're willing to lose and final Coin aiming to be better than ethereum Is Solana like always see you tomorrow


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