10 BEST Passive Income Streams | How I Make $89,650+ per Month 2024

In the past several years I've been able To grow my income from 0 to over $89,950 a month from understanding these 10 passive income strategies that I'm Going to reveal to you here these days We have the full Playbook from people Like myself who have done it and even More we have all these different Powerful AI tools that can help you Achieve results at even double or triple The rate that it took me to build on What I reap from today now before I Share with you my 10 most important Passive income streams that you can Start building today I need to reveal The truth about what passive income Really is because it turns out this term Is actually one of the biggest lies that Keeps the rich richer and the poor even More Poorer so here's my biggest lesson that I've learned from having even $500,000 Months to receiving over hundred Different forms of passive income now Look what I have to say goes against What most people want to hear and that Is it takes time to build any stream of Income up I just need to be brutally Honest it took me over 5 years and this I believe is even on the quicker side to Build my different streams of passive Income as someone who grew up in a Family that had next to nothing I didn't Go to school for business I never really

Did well in school either and I Definitely never got an allowance for my Mom or dad knowing that if I was able to Transform my life where we're now Earning tremendous amounts of money Every single month I'm confident that This is something that you can do too so Let's talk about passive income strategy Number one and that is affiliate Marketing so affiliate marketing is one Of the businesses that literally anyone Can get started with today this is what I'd also consider to be an evergreen Business model meaning that it will Exist for a long period of time you can Also have flexibility where you can be a Oneperson business or scale your company To have hundreds of employees if you Want it I've also made several in-depth Guides on how to start affiliate Marketing and some of those videos were Well over half an hour long and we had a Lot to cover now those videos did pretty Well a lot of you guys loved them but Let me just give you the essential key Points in this section here so first of All what is affiliate marketing well It's really simple so if you ever Enjoyed a product and you told someone To get it and you gave them a code to Get that product and you earned a Commission that's affiliate marketing so Something I do every single week is I Host Bible study night with me and my

Boys and recently I went ahead and Picked up a cold plunge literally just a Few days ago I convinced some of the Guys in my group to go ahead and try out The cold plunge now a few of them did it They loved it and they were asking me How much it was and how they could get It now the company that I bought it from Has a referral program that allows me to Earn 5% commission if I refer someone Else to sign up and whoever uses my link Also gets a discount rather than them Paying the full price now 5% commission Might not sound a lot but with these Cold plunges where ranges anywhere from3 To even $7,000 that can really start to add up So say one of my boys decided to go Ahead and buy the product using my link And I earn that commission that right There in essence is the most basic form Of affiliate marketing now let's take it A step further out imagine this on an Even larger scale where I decide to Write a blog or I do a cold plunge Experiment and I post on Tik Tok or YouTube and I document the improvements Of how this is positively benefiting my Life and other people want to sign up For it too when people all around the World are watching the video maybe 1% of Them decide to buy but I get say a th000 Views so 100 people using my link boom That right there is a cash generating

Affiliate marketing business that could Eventually become passive income where If the content you make continues to get Views over time now what I just Mentioned is one of several different Affiliate marketing strategies but it's Also my favorite because it's free and There's absolutely no risk in getting Started and it's also perfect for Beginners it's very rare too that you Come across a business model that has Little to no risk but in exchange for Little to no risk is the fact that you Do need to put in your time now the Other method in affiliate marketing that Can scale to even multiple seven figures The first year that you get started with Is called paid affiliate marketing so Let's use the cold plunge as an example Say at this point I've tried nearly About everything I posted on Tik Tok Instagram and nothing is Click clicking And I just cannot get organic hits well Your next bet would then be to start Running ads now you can run ads pretty Much from anywhere but the most popular Ones are going to be Google ads Facebook Ads Tik Tok ads even Twitter ads if you Want to go even outside the main four You have Pinterest ads Etsy ads nowadays Even as an example with Tik Tok they Have such good dialed in trafficking Where you can just set it to automatic Campaign optimization and it'll go ahead

And find the people that could resonate Best with what your conversion goal is So just think of everything as a large Funnel at the top you're going to have Cold traffic these are people who are Not interested at all they don't care About their health and they surely do Not like cold water underneath the layer Of that you have your warm traffic this Is where people might have heard about The benefits of cold plunges they might Have watched a few Andrew huberman Podcasts here and there and they're Semi-in interested but they are not Ready to take that leap of faith yet After that you have your hot traffic These are people who have watched the Hubman podcast they have researched Everything they can they've watched Every YouTube video out there sounds a Little bit like me before I bought it And they're ready to purchase that right There is hot traffic these are people Who have an urgency to buy and they just Have not done so already the beauty About paid ads is that if you get good At this you can ignore the cold traffic The warm traffic and specifically Target The hot traffic which is the most likely To go on your blog watch your experiment Video and then click on your affiliate Link to convert there is a downside Though and that is running ads is not Cheap you can easily play put yourself

Into debt and if you're a beginner just Getting into business it's not something I would recommend that you go all out For so here's what I'll say if you don't Know how to read analytical dashboards You don't know what CPC or Raz is do not Just jump head first into ads although Going the organic route will definitely Take time I believe you can still reduce The risk but still be able to see Potential where along the way when you Want to scale that's when you introduce The paid ads now either way the great Thing about affiliate marketing is that You can start today and if you want an Advantage to succe Ed I believe your Edge will come from building a personal Brand or to become a modern-day content Creator this is because with AI getting More and more rampid and different blogs Just crowding the space at the end of The day nothing will replace an Authentic human connection personally For me I'd rather buy a cold plune not From like a robotic faceless YouTube Channel but if it's a guy who is Literally going to the ice bath he's Trying different experiments and he's Like yo if you want to check out the Link check it out there it's that human Connection that I believe AI will never Be able to replicate now with that said Being a content creator is still huge And that leads us into passive income

Strategy number two building that Personal brand now let me tell you I Never grew up thinking I would ever Become a YouTuber I always told myself I'm not smart enough I'm not good- Looking enough and nobody would even be Interested in what I had to say the very First time I uploaded a video on this Channel it was just to document my Journey as a young entrepreneur who knew Nothing about this world and just trying To figure things out it was after Uploading a few videos where I started Getting just a few views here and there And a few comments and I realized oh wow People from all over the world kind of Care about what I'm doing here so fast Forward about 5 to 6 years later I Thought I was going to be you know a Detective at that time trying to solve Crime you know not be stuck in a cubicle But even back then I was able to see the Potential and the benefits of what being A content creator would hold and I Decided to just double down on that now The truth is the modern day Gold Rush Here is in being a content creator Itself so think about it like this a lot Of those Young Rich money kids yeah They're making money from their business But they're also making even more money From actually posting content even all The old school business woles have gone To YouTube and creating content now

There is a reason for this now a few Years ago I was at the Bitcoin Conference right it was crazy it was Like the peak of the first crypto bll Run I had a good year I wanted to buy Myself the dream watch the one that was On my vision board for years and this Was a Rolex Explorer 2 with the white Dial so I ended up actually getting that Watch but but believe it or not I bought It off eBay it was eBay certified I Ended up going into the pool in Miami During that whole conference week and as Soon as it touched the water I saw water Literally pouring into it now this year Was literally my dream watch and that Feeling was devastating I literally Remember my heart pounding and seeing Even the expression on my friend's face When they saw the expression of my face So the next day I decided to go to the Conference uh do a little bit of Networking talk crypto and as I walked In to my left I saw this giant watch Booth now this watch booth was a company That I actually watched a ton of YouTube Reviews on so it was awesome being able To see them and then telling them about The story of my watch they also Recommended me another time piece that Could be even more fitting where at that Time it was way out of my budget but They were convincing of how it would go Up in value and how it is really sought

After but while I was in that whole Process I looked to my right and the Person who was next to me was Kevin o Now get this Kevin oer wasn't just by Himself he was surrounded by an army of Cameras and different people it was Crazy it was the first time I was like Oh wow this is what like TMZ and Paparazzi and celebrities must really Feel like now I was a big fan as well And I wanted to get his attention and I Told him one sentence and it's to this Day I have his phone number saved in my Contacts from that day I said Hey Kevin I have a YouTube channel it has about 500,000 subscribers do you ever want to Collaborate so imagine if I said this Hey Kevin I'm buying myself a $30,000 Watch you sure you sure you don't want My phone number look some of the Greatest entrepreneurs of our time Understand the current value of what Having an audience means and this is Exactly why I was able to connect with Someone who is a multi-billionaire the Richest people in this world are Currently focused on building an Audience forsel so ask yourself this why So if you are interested in becoming a Content creator it is now easier than it Has ever been before with the use of Chachi BT AI tools you can get Additional help scripting you can also Use different tools to help you video

Editing and it is now easier more than Ever to hire overseas to help you with With thumbnails video editing managing Sponsorships or just any of the admin Tasks that a lot of content creators Deal with today I'd even go as far as to Say it's going to cost you more money by Not deciding to build and invest in your Own brand so start today and it can be a Simple as making some shorts on Tik Tok Or Instagram if you were to ask me my Personal favorite though is clearly YouTube obviously no personal bias here There's also a reason though why every Single Tik tocker who has gained Millions of followers all make it a goal To migrate over to YouTube and that's Because YouTube is still King if you Want to make true passive income that Allows you to scale even further as an Example in December I posted just two Videos here on this channel but our AdSense equated to be at over $50,000 even a few weeks ago we had two Videos that completely flopped they were Like under 10,000 views but those videos Have still been bringing in even more Income than the ones that could do over A 100,000 or 200,000 views now my Strategy is a bit different okay it's Not something a lot of content creators Will talk about and I don't ever just Post random videos praying that one goes Viral I think that right there is the

Losing game and instead I've learned of A meticulous formula that I've learned To perfect in the last few years that Less than 0 one% of other content Creators do on YouTube but it's how I'm Able to get tiny amounts of views on Some videos but still earn more than a Mr Beast video with millions of views Ever could now one way I do this is by Maximizing even RPMs so this is the Amount that you can get paid per Thousand views on the content that you Get made now most other channels are Going to be getting RPMs of $2 $5 at Most like 10 to 15 bucks but I've been Able to maximize my RPMs in getting 50 100 or even $200 per th000 views so if You want to learn more about this whole Strategy now I made a whole hourlong Video going over that exact sequence so If you guys want to go ahead and learn More definitely watch this video till The end I'll have a popup as a suggested Video after the end of this so there's Nothing you need to do but just finish Fin this video till the end and you'll Be able to watch that next so passive Income number three courses courses is Huge the online education industry is Growing at an exponential rate similar To even number two which is also called The Creator economy now personally Between the two I think if you're all About just making as much passive income

And money as possible courses is going To be the way now there's an old way of Doing it and there's a new way the old Way of doing this was making offline Courses it was just recording 5 to 10 Hours of video putting it on to things Like kajabi and then getting people onto Your email list letting them know There's like a live webinar but it Wasn't really live and then telling them To buy your course now that actually did Work pretty well and I've seen content Creators who have less than 10,000 Followers who are able to make millions Of dollars in less than a year but right Now we're seeing an even further Migration into what we call now online Courses so offline courses are the ones That you record online courses are ones That you're doing real time so here's What I recommend you can definitely find Success with those offline courses doing It the traditional way but I believe if You really want to improve your odds It's to go ahead and do these courses Where they are live so no matter what You do who you are if you're into going To the gym or you're particularly Skilled in a certain sport or you know You're really good at playing Blackjack Whatever it is you don't have to be an Expert but if you're just a few steps Ahead of a beginner you have something Special that you can provide someone

Value to so what you can do is $100 per Seat into getting people on a zoom call That they're watching you teach live in Now I know this isn't really the most Passive sort of income but hear me out If you do this once you have it recorded And you find a way to automate the Entire funnel you can go ahead and then Move away from doing those live calls And find yourself making money over time Now we're just getting into courses this Year I put in 6 months with my team in Putting that whole thing together even To this day we're still getting sales Here and there so it just shows how Passive it is once you put in all the Upfront work but if you're looking to Make true generational wealth that you Can scale to another degree which I'm Talking seven to eight figures you want To consider that new meta of online Courses that I just mentioned fourth Passive income strategy here and this is Membership groups this is something that We've done for many many years now and I'd like to even go ahead to say we're One of the few content creators that First broke into the space in getting Membership groups out the beauty about Membership groups is that this is a Continuity plan meaning that you get Monthly reoccurring Revenue so if Someone signs up and you're able to Provide outsized value and they stick

Around and they do not churn out meaning They don't just unsubscribe and leave Your group you can continue to stack and Pile up that passive income now we first Did this on P patreon many years ago the Best single day that we had was $70,000 In a launch that we had for everyone Joining the best month that we had was Just shy of $200,000 in monthly Reoccurring revenue and there is just so Much potential now granted there is a Lot of work and that's one of the Reasons why we went up and then we Experien it down and now we're going Back up but regardless you can start a Monthly membership group today pretty Easily if you have a niche that you're Passionate about you just want to build A community or people are looking up to You as a content creator and they want Even further access you can start things As as low as $5 a month you guys can get In a giant group chat with me or for $50 A month I'll do a one-on-one Consultation call with everyone here in The group there's ways that you can get Creative and you have complete Flexibility on determining the hours That you may want to work the great Thing about monthly reoccurring revenue Is that there are a ton of platforms you Can get started with so I personally use Patreon during those days and we're Actually one of patreon's top creators

Other platforms that you can do this on Is literally like if you start a YouTube Channel you can do this on YouTube Without getting someone to a separate Link YouTube has the community section Here and you also have these newer Websites like school that a lot of People are migrating towards now passive Income strategy number five that anyone Can get started with today is e-commerce Within e-commerce here are the three Most popular and most passive ways to Make money it's going to be first Drop Shipping then Amazon FBA and then print On demand these are three different Businesses that I started six years ago I went from being a complete beginner Where even in the first year of me Drop Shipping I was able to go from being a Complete skeptic of making like this So-called internet Wi-Fi money to making Over $100,000 in Revenue that first year It was crazy but I will tell you there Was a lot of work upfront at the Beginning what I really love about E-commerce is the fact that a lot of the Delegation tasks are usually easier to Automate so if you need customer support You can find a customer support VA Pretty fast if you need someone to help You make ads or help run ads you can Find people who do a better job and take Over those positions where eventually You have a business that continues to

Generate income while you begin to take Your time out of it regardless E-commerce is great even if if you make $0 or $100,000 or even a million dollar Whatever you will learn the skills that You can apply to many different Businesses which is exactly what I've Done in my life now look there's a lot That goes into starting any business Like filing for an LLC designing your Logo building your website even managing Your taxes now if you're trying to scale Chances are that you don't have a lot of Extra time to manage all that that's why Today's sponsor Taylor Brands is going To be one of the best solutions for Managing all aspects of your business Because Taylor Brands is the ultimate Business Builder now I wish I had Taylor Brands way long ago I had to go through So many different steps I had to waste More time and yes I could have just Saved myself so much stress if I knew About Taylor Brands way earlier on so Let me show you first you can start by Registering your business as an LLC and It's so simple so let's say as an Example I'm doing that cold plch Affiliate marketing blog so we can go With the jungle ice lab after I type That in I can check the availability and Since it's available we can continue the Process now the first question we'll ask Is the stage of the business so I'll say

We're already in business for the Industry we'll type in online and click Online sales from here we'll have a few More questions to answer but once that Is done you'll get prompted with the Screen offering you all the services That they can provide you now this Ranges from registering that LLC getting A logo designed building your website Managing your taxes or even registering An e or trademark all in just one place Normally for a lot of these Services You'd either have to invest hours of Doing it or just go through a bunch of Slow and outdated government websites to Register and just keep track of all of It now when you're registering your Business you might not even think about Those important things licenses permits Contracts service agreements the reality Is this with any business you start you Want to have all of that checked off and You want to have it in a place where you Can find it accessibly there are even Times where I was not in good standing With my business okay because we like Did not pay one $5 fee that Marilyn Wanted from us and it's those things That can just lead to so much trouble so Much unnecessary fuss so Taylor Brands Just makes it all easy and that's not All you can also use their domain tools To help you find and register your own Website then use one of many templates

On Taylor Brands to build out your Website which is an absolute must for Any new online business today so Taylor Brands is going to be your One-Stop shop For everything you need to launch your Business and they also provide free live Consultations and can get any questions Answered quickly so if you want to get Started with Taylor Brands head down to The description below and check out the Link to get started today with that Being said on to the video following the Remainder of my list this year is going To be the most passive form of income That you can ever earn but you need to Have this one thing in order to see any Type of decent returns and that is Capital so all the things we talked About were business related it's Leveraged income but what we're going to Discuss next is ideally you making all That passive income from the businesses Getting them automated and then using That money for the next five strategies So the first one here is going to be Putting your money into high yield Savings accounts so right now mortgage Rates still currently suck I'm locked in At like 5.25% and it's not all that bad I've seen people lock in at 6 to 7% and Even car interest rates they're pretty Bad too they're like 6 to 7% but the Good news out of all that is that you Can actually earn even more money on

Your savings so you can do this through Traditional Banks they might increase The high yield savings rate on your Account if you lock it in for a certain Time and you don't withdraw it but I'd Say the most easiest way to do this Right now and actually the highest Amount of apy that I've seen get back Currently is by depositing your cash Into a stock brokerage that I've been Using for years called Mumu now this app Here is fully safeguarded FDIC insured And even on top of that you can earn Crazy amounts of Interest so if you want To be able to just deposit your money Real quick put into an app and earn Money for the money that you have this Is a Surefire way of doing it now the Beauty of these high yield accounts is That they are generally very liquid so If you put your money in and you want Your money out you can do it within a Click and usually it takes about less Than one business day for you to get Your money back into your account I'm a Huge advocate of security I do not like When my money is locked up and I have to Wait like seven business days and There's all these conditions if you're Like that too and you're more Conservative that is something I would Look into if you're trying to maximize Even more passive income on the capital You have so within that umbrella of

Investing you have high yield savings Account you have your stocks and you Also have crypto between stocks you can Use an app like Robin Hood or TD amirr Whatever you do but I like to keep Things easy and I personally use acorns So what I love about acorns this is one Of those apps that you leave and forget It with it's literally as passive as I Would say using Mumu to deposit your Cash in but this you can see much higher Returns take as an example my acorns Account I started this back in 2018 it Went up as high as $37,000 now I cashed Out earlier in the summer of this year I You know wanted to splurge with that Money just have a little bit in the Checking account for some other Investment opportunities just kidding I Bought a raptor okay I'll be honest I Bought I bought a raptor but anyways I Cleared this account out to zero and Literally a few months ago I started Depositing money back into it again and Since then it's back at $144,000 now This past month we are up. 28% so the Acorns app has been really phenomenal This is because they do all the Investing For for you now if you want to Check out acorns I have a link that gets You a free $5 for signing up down below In the description out of all the apps And I've used probably 10 15 different Brokerages being a finance Channel

Acorns is something that I periodically Check in on it's been my favorite app by Far and it has made me some of the best Returns something like this just Automates it I love the ease of use now If you're someone who's a bit more like Brian I don't care about getting a Million dollars by the time I'm 70 it's Too late this is where we talk about Crypto crypto so right now I'm doing a Series on this channel where I'm Documenting my journey and trying to Make multiple seven figures within Crypto this year we got really close Previously in the last bull market but We did not meet that goal now I am so Bullish on crypto for at least the long Term and this current bull cycle I truly Believe is one of the last opportunities To make life-changing generational Wealth it turns out it can also be a Pretty solid form of passive income as Well because within crypto you have so Many different ways you can make money So this could be just investing into the Right crypto and it appre iates and then You sell you made money it could also be Through the form of airdrops where you Participate in the community and you Build up with some of these earlier Projects and literally even today with a Kid who looks like he's 14 made over a Million dollars overnight so crypto can Make a lot of money a lot of it can be

Passive if you have a decent amount in Crypto you can also stake it as well but I need to make a disclaimer crypto is Going to be very risky so this is going To be one of those passive income Strategies where yes you can make Life-changing wealth but you can also Lose everything too so please be careful Please educate yourself do your due Diligence but out of the three forms of Investing I'd say the most conservative Is just putting your money into a Brokerage that earns you cash yield the Second is going to be putting your money Into things like Acorn the third riskier But even more higher reward is going to Be something like involving yourself Within the crypto markets all right the Next passive income strategy we have is Maximizing credit card so I began this Way earlier on as soon as I was eligible For the first credit card by the time I Turned 18 since then I've been able to Acrew Millions upon millions of points If I to cash out all of my points right Now between Chase AMX the different Hotels and just some of those random Little travel cards that I have like my Built card I would get over4 to $50,000 in cash right now now the way You can do this is just by signing up For the right credit cards and earning a Welcome bonus these welcome bonus offers From credit cards can be like spend

$3,000 or $5,000 something you would Have done anyways within a period of 300 To 6 months and earn 50 to 100,000 Points which on the equivalent is $500 To $1,000 now if you know nothing about Credit cards I worked with Netflix on a Documentary many many years back and I Was shown to be the guy who optimizes Credit cards in there they pretty much Just go over how the entire system works But if you don't want to watch that and You want to watch a full ultimate guide On how to get started from A to Z I also Have that here on YouTube that video is About an hour long give yourself some Time plan it ahead in your schedule take A lot of notes but I shared all the Value that I know about credit cards That has allowed me to get to where I'm At now where I can travel fly first Class business class with points for Free anywhere in the world I've gotten Multiple sweet upgrades or even in my Most recent stay I was in Vegas I was at The wind we're supposed to get like a Basic comped room but then they upgraded Us to their $2 to $4,000 Tower Suite Rooms all for free look if you're rich And you want to pay money to do that go Ahead but for someone even like me I Would rather be able to get all that Stuff for free and you can do that with One of the best passive income methods And that is just knowing how to use the

Right credit cards for the money you're Spending anyways by the way one weird Thing about credit cards that most People don't know about and that's that Credit credit card points are actually Completely taxfree yeah you don't need To report any taxes on that huge amount So even if I was making money in crypto Say I made $80,000 in profit while it Fills short-term capital gains tax at The highest bracket that I'm in right Now I would still be making more from my Credit card points that have accured Over the last 6 seven years than money That I risked and invested in next Passive income strategy here this is Huge and it's investing into businesses There are three ways to do this you can Angel invest into businesses using a Website like angel.co you can also Invest into small mediumsized businesses Something that I did in the past few Years I invested into a restaurant I Became a part owner and even from that Investment I've been able to generate Income every single quarter I get a Check from doing no work at all now if You have made a lot of money you can Also buy out businesses all outright and If you don't have enough money to buy Out a business you can pull out Something called SBA Loans where they Can help you finance and if you're able To have a good business plan and justify

The the money that they may loan to you You pay a little bit of interest but Then you can get a cash generating Business in that degree too look a lot Of this stuff is not rocket science it's Just that people don't know about it and People don't realize how easy it really Is now in the last 3 years I've Angel Invested over six figures it's been Across about 20 different companies some Of them are blowing up I literally see Them in some of the grocery stores now Keep in mind a few years ago I was like 23 24 I did not think I would ever be Angel Investing okay I thought that was Like if you're super old super Successful that's for you there but in Today's modern day there are so many Companies and websites that have Democratized this for every person to do It there are little requirements here And there that you must meet but Generally you'd be surprised that most People are able to have access to these Different types of passive income Streams as well so for number 10 the Best passive income stream here is going To be all about real estate look I get It real estate can be expensive it can Be hard to find but the people that I Know who have made multi-millions of Dollars and they seem to just be Cruising and they have the most ultimate Form of passive income is the ones that

Have gotten into real estate at a Certain point the reason for this is you Have Airbnb of long-term rentals you Have house hacking you can also get a Property renovate it and flip it and Make money it is one of my goals to get Into real estate even further there was A time in my life where I was also going To buy out a whole shopping center here In Rockville alongside some other Investors that went on auction because The owner could not pay their bills on It it went to the court we were going to Get it at a huge discount and I was Going to get a check every single month For about 25 years now that right there Is pretty passive yes you got to front The money yeah it might be 5 to 10 years Before you actually get net positive but This is one of those passive income Streams that I would definitely not Neglect so ladies and gents that right There is going to be my 10 passive Income streams and look I'll be honest I've made a lot more than $80,000 per Month I think it's actually been a few Years since that was the lowest amount That we've made but I also didn't want This video to come out as like a whole Flex cuz obviously right now you know I Got payroll I'm building a team so There's a lot of different nuan too but Generally guys I wanted to keep it Straightforward I hope from this video

You're able to find outsize Value and I Appreciate you guys from watching till The end if you guys did enjoy this be Sure to subscribe like this video follow Me on Twitter on Instagram if you want To get started with Taylor Brands head Down to the description below and check Out the link to get started today and Also don't forget about some of the Other videos that I mentioned earlier in This episode I'll have them linked here


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