10 BEST Crypto Indicators You Want To Start Using NOW!!

Do you want to maximize your crypto Gains well if you do then you have got To be familiar with onchain indicators In this video we'll outline the top 10 Indicators that will give you an Advantage indicators you absolutely must Have in your crypto trading toolbox so If you want a market Edge be sure to Watch until the End now before we get into the specific Indicators I should say a few words About the types of indicators we're Looking at and where you can access them All of the indicators on this list are Onchain meaning they come directly from The data recorded on a blockchain this Data helps us to determine the Underlying health and activity of Cryptocurrencies with this information You can make educated guesses about Future price movements and this Translates to potentially huge gains now If you want more of a background on on Chain analysis then I highly recommend Checking out our video on it which will Be in the description we also have a Video on some of the top 10 crypto tools Some of which can help when studying on Chain indicators and that's also linked To below and one final thing of course Nothing in this video is financial Advice be sure to do your own research Before you YOLO into any crypto despite What the indicators may be telling you

All right then let's kick off the list The first indicator is daily active Addresses now these as the name suggests Are unique wallet addresses that have Been active participants on the network Within a 24-hour period either sending Or receiving funds each of these Addresses can be tied back to individual Users or Collective entities now why is This important well tracking the Activity of these addresses across Different cryptocurrencies can reveal a Lot it's a bit like seeing how many Customers enter a shop each day it gives Us an idea of the Shop's popularity and Indirectly its performance when we look At the growth in the number of daily Active addresses there's often a Parallel we can draw with the assets Price more active addresses generally Means higher demand for a network Services and its currency as this demand Increases it can lead to an uptick in The currency's value which is why Keeping an eye on this metric can be so Revealing but it's not just about the Price the health of a cryptocurrency Network can often be gauged by the Number of these active addresses a Thriving bustling network with lots of Active addresses is a sign of a strong User base on the flip side a decline Could signal waning interest which may Translate to a drop in value now active

Addresses aren't just a homogeneous blob Of data we can break them down further We can look at new addresses being Created the total number of active Addresses and even addresses that have Gone back to zero balance normally new And zero balance addresses rise and fall Together but when they don't it might Tell us about the Market's mood swings Whether it's bullish or bearish however There is a caveat to keep in mind each Address is counted just once a day Regardless of how many transactions it's Part of and the these must be onchain Transactions which are verified and Recorded on the blockchain now on the Positive side this ensures that metrics Are not inflated by offchain activities That wouldn't reflect the Network's true Usage on the other hand though it Doesn't give you the full picture of Onchain activity since it doesn't Distinguish between an address that's Part of one transaction in a given time Frame and one that is involved in Multiple transactions in that same time Frame this illustrates a general rule For indicators they each tell part of The story but used together they can be Truly powerful now the second indicator On our list is actually a pair of Indicators daily transactions and daily Fees they're connected so we're Presenting them together so first let's

Unpack these terms daily transactions Are pretty straightforward they Represent the sheer volume of activity Within a blockchain over a single day Transaction fees meanwhile are payments Made by users to compensate miners for The energy and resources spent to Validate and record transactions to use A transport analogy daily transactions Are like a car's odometer which shows Them miles driven but over a 24-hour Period transaction fees meanwhile are Like the tolls on a blockchain highway However these tolls are not fixed but Operate like a dynamic Marketplace when The network is busy the tolls I.E Transaction fees can go up when it's Quiet fees generally go Down understanding the eban flow of These numbers can offer us invaluable Insight into the Market's mechanics a Surge in transactions and fees often Points to an uptick in demand for the Blockchain services in turn this Increased demand can fuel a rise in the Cryptocurrency's value conversely if the Numbers dwindle it could hint at a dip In interest and possibly in price However there's a wrinkle to iron out Here not every transaction is Accompanied by a fee and even for those That are the costs can swing Dramatically based on how congested the Network is this can happen within

Moments making the fees one of the most Volatile aspects of blockchain Economics Nonetheless both metrics are incredibly Useful at a glance they can help us Gauge a crypto's present state and its Immediate demand and possibly predict Price swings too the third indicator you Should be familiar with is the exchange Supply indicator this is a number that Tells us how much of a cryptocurrency is Currently stored in exchange wallets so Then why should we care about this well It's all about understanding what might Happen in the market if there's a lot of A particular currency on exchanges it Could mean that people are about to sell Which would obviously lower the price of The coin or token this is because crypto Holders typically transfer their assets From Hardware wallets to exchanges Before they sell they could also Transfer their assets from other hot Wallets but as I've advised countless Times before Hardware wallets are the Safest way to store your crypto and if You want a discount on yours head on Over to our deals Page anyway just as a large amount of a Particular coin or token on an exchange Could signal impending sales the Opposite is also true if there's not Much of that particular asset on an Exchange it suggests people are not About to sell but are in fact hodling

This can be indicative of a future Upward price movement but again it Doesn't give us the whole story not Every coin on an exchange is up for sale Some are tied up in things like loans or Earning interest or just sitting there Because their holders don't appreciate The importance of self- custody and Remember the amount of crypto on Exchanges can change quickly depending On how the market is doing I'll also add That the amount of coins that are on Exchanges also impacts on the General Market liquidity which can drive Volatility I.E the more coins there are The less likely large buys and or sells Will impact on the price and vice versa For Less Supply on exchanges that said Keeping track of exchange Supply is like Taking the Market's temperature used Alongside other indicators on this list It can give you vital Clues as to where The market is heading and while we're on The topic of exchanges I should let you Know about the coin Bureau deals page Over there we have some of the best Exchange deals including sign up bonuses Of up to $40,000 as well as trading fee discounts Of up to 60% these are available for a Limited time only and are exclusively For the viewers of this channel so be Sure to check them out while you can Link

Below now next up we have the market Value to realized value or mvrv Indicator for short think of this Indicator as a thermometer for how Heated the market is about a particular Cryptocurrency here's how it works mvrv Compares the current market price of a Cryptocurrency to its real value what it Was worth when it was last moved on the Blockchain we figure this out by Dividing the total market value which is What people are willing to pay right now By the realized value which is more like The historical price tag of all coins in Circulation so it's a measure of how Much more expensive Bitcoin is relative To when it was first potentially bought Now this ratio is super useful it's like A reality check that shows us if a Cryptocurrency is potentially overhyped Or maybe flying under the radar if the Mvrv is above one the market might be Getting a little too excited thinking The coin is worth more than its Historical average historically an mvrb Above 3.7 indicates a price top on the Flip side an mvrv below one could be a Sign that the coin in question is Undervalued next up we're again cheating A little by combining a few indicators Into one but it makes sense since there Are a group of metrics that can be used To identify Market top tops and bottoms In crypto first off we've got the net

Unrealized profit to loss or nupal for Short it's like a mood ring for the Market it shows us a difference between What everyone's crypto is currently Worth versus what they paid for it when Nupal gets really high Snoop Dog level High it might just be time to sell a High nle is a likely indicator that the Crypto has reached its Market top on the Flip side meanwhile if nupal is super Low the party's just getting started the Markets are probably at a low point and This is the time to buy and then of Course there is the gu's dad indicator When my father asks about whether he Should buy crypto then sell sell it all Sell it all today okay after nle we have The percent of addresses in profit it's Pretty straightforward this metric looks At the percentage of folks who are Sitting on gains with their crypto at Today's prices if nearly everyone's Making money then be careful the market Might be overvalued and it might be time To sell but if it's the other way around The market could be undervalued so it Might be time to buy another cool metric Is relative unrealized profit to loss This one is all about timing are people Cashing out slowly as the market cap Climbs or are we seeing a Mad Dash to The exit if it's the latter you might Want to sell your asset quickly Otherwise just like a run on the bank

You might be left empty-handed and the Final indicator I'll mention here is Investor sentiment now this isn't just Numbers it's about the feelings and Moods of the folks in the market are People feeling bullish ready to charge Or bearish ready to hibernate it's a Mood Weather Vein watching this can give Us hints about the Market's next move Now taken together these metrics can Help you anticipate Market tops and Bottoms and since we all want to buy at The bottom and sell at the top these are Very useful metrics to have handy okay On to the next indicator here we have to Talk about miners specifically miners Revenue think of miners Revenue as the Heartbeat of blockchain networks like Bitcoin this is all about the income Miners receive for keeping the network Secure and transactions ticking over It's a number that tells us whether Miners are making bank or just scraping By now how do we keep tabs on miners Revenue easy there's a treasure Trove of Tools out there from blockchain Explorers to Market data crunchers and Profitability calculators that give us The lowdown on how much these digital Miners are digging up so why should we Care well when miners are raking in the Dough it's often a sign that the network Is buzzing with activity and if the Network is buzzing it's a sign that the

Network is healthy and we could see Price Action Moving upwards on the flip Side low activity could suggest the Opposite but it might also mean that Mining is becoming too costly if mining Expenses start to outweigh the rewards Over a long enough time span miners Might start to call it quits and this is Problematic as you'll soon find out okay The hash rate is our next indicator it's A crucial stat in the world of crypto Especially if you're into mining or just Want to understand what keeps a Blockchain ticking here's the tldr the Hash rate is like the horsepower of a Blockchain network it's a measure of the Amount of computational power being Expended to secure the blockchain and Process those transactions so why do we Care about the hash rate well it's a big Deal for the Network's safety when you Hear about a blockchain's hash rate Being high think of it as a good sign That the network is strong and secure More computing power means it's tougher For hackers to break in or mess with Transactions now mining gets harder when The hash rate goes up that's because Blockchains are set up to keep things Challenging as more people join in on The mining this keeps the pace of mining Steady so new blocks don't start popping Up too quickly the technical term for This is quote difficulty adjustments

Another reason why a higher hash rate is A good sign is because it means that Miners are deploying even more power and Capital to protect the network remember Though miners want to make a profit so If it becomes unprofitable for them to Mine then they'll simply switch off Their machines as they leave the network The hash rate will drop and if it drops Too quickly then difficulty adjusts down Again to the point at which it is once Again profitable to mine now this is one Of the beauties of bitcoin's design the Network can constantly adjust to Prevailing conditions to incentivize Miners to expend resources securing it Okay let's move away from the mining Current and ride the uh huddle waves Sorry so hudle waves are a really useful Way to gauge when investors who have Been in the game a bit longer believe The markets have hit a high point glass Node Academy explains this in great Detail but for our purposes I'll keep it Concise hodle waves show three types of Coins lost or ancient coins which are Over 5 years old old coins between 1 and 5 years old and young coins which are Generally less than 6 months old now we Know from past precedent that there is a Very low chance that coins dated over 5 Years will reenter the market that's why They're classed as lost or ancient but When you see an uptick of of old coins

Re-entering the market it's indicative That these older Diamond handed Investors are selling and as basic Economics tells us increased Supply with No change in demand can drive prices Downwards in other words if you notice a Rapid increase in the number of old Coins hitting the market prices could be About to swing so keep your eye out for That all right let's move on the network Value to transaction Ratio or nvt is Essentially the financial pulse check For cryptocurrencies acting as a gauge For whether a digital currency is Potentially overvalued or undervalued to Determine the nvt you take the entire Market cap of a cryptocurrency and then Divide that Hefty sum by the daily Dollar amount of transactions flowing Through the network the nvt is easy to Track on sites like glass node and coin Metrics the reason Savvy investors keep An eye on mvt is it helps them determine Whether the the crypto is well priced is It priced like a rare diamond or a Common Rock a towering nvt might signal An overpriced Market while a basement Level nvt could mean there's a bargain To be had for those of you out there who Analyze stocks you can view the nvt as Being analogous to the price to earnings Ratio a measure of price to Value Generated Beyond just a simple valuation Tool nvt can hint at imminent Market

Shifts a sudden leap or nose dive in the Ratio often precedes significant price Movements and it's not just about an Individual coin nvt also allows Savvy Traders to line up different Cryptocurrencies side by side offering Perspectives on which ones might be Unfairly overlooked or too eagerly hyped Based on their transaction volumes in Other words it can help you determine Which altcoin to buy at a given time Right then nine down one to go so the Final indicator we'll cover is smart Money labels these are really useful Indicators an excellent way to get an Edge in this game if you want to know People's agendas you should follow the Money but if you want to know if the Markets are about to move you should Follow the smart money labels smart Money labels as the name suggests help Us understand what the most informed and Influential Market players are doing These labels track very ious investor Wallets or addresses and they don't just Show the size of their Holdings but more Importantly reveal their investment Patterns and Market foresight if you Want to know what the best in the Business are doing smart money labels Are the way to go so how can you track This well again this is where analytics Platforms like nanson come in nansen has A handy set of labels that help us spot

The experts in the crypto trading world These labels give us a glimpse into Who's making smart Investments early on And who's earning big from providing Liquidity on popular platforms like Unis Swap or sushi swap they also point out The investor wallets that seem to have a Knack for making the Right Moves for the Bigger players like investment funds There's a label that shows us how They're spreading out their crypto Investments so while it's always better To do your own research before investing Your next best bet is to follow the Smart money and if they're smart enough You too could see some pretty eyering Gains so check it Out all right folks that's about it for The indicators today I'll leave links in The description below if you want to Learn more about these resources and Have a play around with them we also Have a video interview with the CEO of Nanson which you should check out too Link below now though it's over to you Do you use the indicators we've Mentioned in this video If so we'd love To know your thoughts and are there any Other indicators you would recommend Drop your comments below oh and while You're down there don't forget that Deals page that's where you can find Those exclusive exchange signup bonuses And trading fee discounts as well as

Much more besides something that you Won't get anywhere else and if you found Value in this content a like and a Subscribe would be much appreciated okay Until next time thank you for watching And I'll see you again soon this is Guy Signing [Music] Off


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