If you look at the last 14 years you Usually get a quadruple after a hav so Bitcoin right now is trading 57,000 I'm Not sure where it'll be on or about April 20th when the having actually Takes place but let's say it's at 50,000 That would imply over 18 months from the Having a $200,000 bitcoin price so uh The price is going up primarily because There's not a lot of Supply out there And yet you're seeing these Bitcoin ETFs Coming into the marketplace with 12 to 14 times what's available in terms of What the network is producing every Single day and so that's why you're Seeing this price squeeze and of course You do have people that don't believe in Bitcoin that are short Bitcoin and so They're getting wrecked right now and I Think that's the combination of why You're seeing such great price Appreciation everyone is getting rich in Crypto it's not too late the altcoin Daily audience surely but everyone Crypto is in a raging bull market and Rest assured it's not too late I think There's plenty more upside to go if you Follow the right people you can change Your life bookmark this video give this Video a like I want to change your life With this video I mean I don't want you To miss the most life-changing Opportunity of our time Bitcoin just Made a new all-time high in Norway what

Is this like the 18th currency that Bitcoin has made a new all-time high in And Guys these are not some tiny Countries that you've never heard of 14 Of these make up 133% of the world's Population 7% of the world's GDP Argentina is leading the scoreboard with 24% inflation rate that's crazy it's Almost as if Bitcoin was designed for This and it's only going to accelerate So let this be a reminder to you it's Not Bitcoin going up it's the Fiat Currencies going down so long as Governments are printing Fiat Bitcoin Will be skyrocketing end of story we're Now like 1 2 3 months out from the Bitcoin ETFs getting approved guess what Black Rock's ETF had the largest volume Day life to date black Rock's Bitcoin ETF just broke 1 billion in trading Volume in one day taking a look at the Sum of ETFs over 3.24 billion in that Day Black Rock over a billion grayscale Almost a billion take a look at these Numbers and the outflows the selling From grayscale's gbtc yesterday gbtc had Its lowest outflow yet so far the Selling pressure is drying up Fidelity Now recommends a 1 to 3% crypto Allocation in your portfolio gateway Drug what happens when that 1 to 3% Becomes 3 to 6% slowly then suddenly you Need to follow the right people you need To stay in tune with the market this is

Something we do on a daily basis because You're about to see cryptocurrency Traders get euphorically lazy Life-changing wealth does that to you Don't rest on your laurels continue to Double down and go hard in crypto crypto Learning every day the difference Between a $1 million crypto portfolio And a 10 million crypto portfolio is how Hard you work when you're up smash the Like button if you agree with this Understand where this Market is going Bitcoin has never hit an all-time high Before the having but will this time be Different well bitcoin's having is just Over 50 days away is this time different Comment your thoughts in the comment Section below my thoughts DC investors Thoughts look I don't know but we just Open opened up crypto to the largest Capital Market on the planet via the Bitcoin ETF and hopefully soon an Ethereum ETF so yeah I think keep an Open mind that this time could indeed be Somewhat different I mean Bitcoin is now A popular issue on the world's stage It's now a US presidential election Issue but isn't the next logical step For you to embrace Bitcoin because Bitcoin obviously is decentralized the Government can't get its hands on it What about Bitcoin with all the Young People including African-Americans who Are are very interested in well a lot of

People are doing it I always liked One Currency I I call it a currency I like The dollar but a lot of people are doing It and frankly uh it's it's taken a life Of its own you probably have to do some Regulation as you know but many people Are uh embracing it and more and more I'm seeing people wanting to pay Bitcoin And you're seeing something that's Interesting so the macro conditions for Bitcoin and crypto are incredibly strong Bitcoin and all investable assets will Boom in this environment listen this is Not just a bull run in the United States We're seeing some of the European Markets hit record all-time highs you're Seeing Japan reach all-time highs since 1989 1990 that market could be moving Into a whole new secular bull market so And a lot of people have been saying That this rally is narrow that it's only Like the Magnificent 7 we used to talk About Fang but it really is a lot more More uh we're getting new highs in many Different pockets of of the market and a Barometer that you don't hear a lot of People talk about is the S&P advaned Decline line and that is confirming the Breakout in the S&P 500 and by the way Being bullish that's the Counternarrative still most prominent Talking Heads are bearish like JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Diamond he says that He's preparing for a crash listen to

This I know you said um in fourth Quarter earnings that uh last month that Inflation may be stickier rates may be Higher than the markets expect is that Still your base case and what's kind of Fueling that more cautious tone right Now yeah so the way I learn you know Remember in 1972 you felt gray too and Before any crash it felt great and then So things changed so you have you you Got to look ahead I do think there are Things out there which kind of Concerning got an eye on and so and why Are we doing so well a lot of is fiscal Spending and fiscal spending has a Multiplier to too so I just think it may Not come down that quick and people may Be surprised so when people talk about You know the market this kind of pricing A soft Landing that may very well happen But you know the odds of 7 or 80% I Would give you half of that that's all Look guys either Jamie Diamond is Playing dumb purposefully deceiving or He just hasn't done the homework if you Do the homework this is what you realize Anthony scaramucci and Joe kernin on CNBC like you said it became very clear To me the first time I did any homework At all and it wasn't it was an hour That's all it took and it's a little bit Frustrating I think most people they They and it's so easy to be negative on Bitcoin and just call it the beanie

Babies but I know that they haven't I Know I don't think Charlie mon I I'm Almost certain they've never really just Looked at at a chapter on exactly what What the asset is and how it or or the Properties of money uh over 4,000 Years Cuz there's like six or seven things and You can just I mean money isn't always Backed by a government it's used by Society to account for for what you do So you can exchange it for what someone Else does it's that simple and and you Can see the properties of it and it you Know it's so elegant it makes so much Sense that I just wish they would do the Homework just like you that's that's Your answer now they need to do the Homework you don't even argue do the Homework but gold is a $16 trillion doll Asset and Bitcoin has a lot of the same Properties as gold and I would make a Case that it's better than gold because Easier to move around uh it should trade To at least half of that uh it's at Trillion dollars right now and so that Would be an 8X uh and again that's from Now until 2030 so just go back to 1971 When we pulled ourselves off the gold Standard uh the US Dollars lost 98% of Its purchasing power in 52 years and so Satachi nagamoto in the white paper Basically said look maybe they're drunk Driving with the money and maybe we can Create a decentralized system where the

Assets are harder you know this Decentralized fully Transparent uh currency uh is definitely Going to rise in value and again maybe It won't be the currency standard for The world but it certainly could replace Gold or be alongside of gold as a store Of value uh and I certainly Larry think Thinks that otherwise he wouldn't be out There with his ET look guys it's not Just Bitcoin anymore you guys need to Follow accounts like ours to tell you About the next opportunities in the Cryptocurrency market I'm bullish on Bitcoin but I'm bullish on ethereum I'm Bullish on altcoins ethereum is Currently sitting in the $3,000 range The Deacon upgrade is 21 days away for Ethereum a potential spot eth ETF Approval is coming in May is eth about To go parabolic think about it like this The total altcoin Market just completed A successful retest of the accumulation Zone there will be dips along the way But this run is far from over hold tight And enjoy the ride this chart will allow You to make obscene amounts of money in The coming months not with leverage but With patience so how do I know that We're in a Raging Bull Market that most People will miss out on how do I know That there's more upside to go well Let's put it this way a crazy show Of an MMA fight between the biggest

Crypto influencers took place in an Overrun prison in Mexico City Mexico Welcome back to our condemned prison Here in Mexico City we've got a little Bit more action coming your way tonight And we're very pleased to bring you a Selection of IFC influencer Fight Club Matches tonight cardano bull crypto Crow Koed an NFL player cardano pumped 5% 7 265 lbs Moon daddy seems so small but He's 6' five I know it's that isn't that Ridiculous well unsurprisingly the 7 Foot tall giant was successful with a Clubbing right hand bit boy Ben Armstrong won the whole thing beating up The Sonic Obama meme coin founder oh It's a one minute third round that's Amazing big boy it's a literal Sprint I mean big boy wants this guy Dead big boy wants the enu Sonic Obama Token dead bro he's not around he's Coming out here looking like h3h3 on a Miss Oh this man Is I've never seen such ferocious Fighting it's like tyon Expressions this Is Incredible 1 seconds left I think the Ben Armstrong is going to take it via Monumental clubbing right Hands how does this feeling of winning a Fight compared to other the things that You've done in your life well that's the Most woring thing I've ever done um I Just summon therey inside you didn't

Know you Had what did he say all of these crazy Shenanigans happened I myself almost got Knocked out by the host of the whole Thing and the cryptocurrency market Didn't dump because of all this it Pumped amazing subscribe to our Channel Join our team I'll see you tomorrow my Friends metaphor of what it would look Like if George St Pierre and boss rutin Tried to buy crypto these are complex Mechanisms that are difficult to Understand this guy might get killed if He doesn't get his hand off me these are Incredibly seriously get the off me These are incredibly difficult things to Comprehend and uh those guys don't know How to fight however it takes a lot of Guts and charm and heart to get in there And do it the and we will have a Wonderful time watching these guys Compete tonight the one thing I'd like To say we should have put white belts on Them maybe next time but thank you guys For your Heart you made us Laugh George George is giving me some Intel on Those boys who was that that was Aaron Who you told to get the out of There I'm sorry I have I have no him and His brother run the biggest crypto Channel great job Robin great Job I love it


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