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We've had a lot of talk over the last Few years of diminishing returns uh People betting against the crypto space Or maybe just Bitcoin saying that the Gains of the past are gone I think that That is a foolish take I think that we Are going to see something this cycle Into the next year two years that is Brand new to bitcoin all the Bears are Wrong at least according to crypto Analyst and Trader Tom Crown I have Something I want to share with your Audience that's never happened for I Cannot believe the chart that he just Showed me and you're about to see and it Lines up really well with all of these Big macro factors in the next 8 minutes All will be revealed so this single Indicator pretty much historically Speaking tells us that we got strong Bullish momentum ahead of us guys smash The like button share this video with One of your relatives who you're hanging Out with this holiday season make sure You stay tuned for Tom's price Prediction at the end I can't believe The number he said let's get into it let Me intro this thing ho ho ho ho ho Merry Christmas Tom T the Season you are a crypto expert a TA Expert I've been following you for a Long time and you know what I'm bullish You know we got a black rock ETF on the Horizon the Bitcoin having on the

Horizon but I'm curious to hear your Thoughts because you study the charts And you have your own opinions um Tom How you doing today I'm doing great man Happy happy holidays Merry Christmas to Everybody it's it's great to be back I Think it's been uh maybe a year time has Passed I'm flies in crypto it almost Seems like a four years almost because New things are happening every day Absolutely this is this has been wild I You know me I'm bullish as ever I'm Always bullish whether it's going up and Down but I do love my charts and Hopefully I have uh some insights to Share with your audience here come smash That like button let's jump in all right Well I mean let's let's start with this This was one of the wildest years in Crypto ever 2023 didn't feel wild but it Was wild most of the year we kind of Just did nothing and no one paid Attention uh do you remember the summer That was the lowest volatility in Bitcoin's history actually uh and after 2022 like what a welcomed just relief From the pain and the blood so I have Been loving this year especially uh the Last quarter you since October things Have been really great hopefully your Portfolio is doing well my portfolio is Very happy right now uh but you know I Want take a second can we you know as we Wrap this year up can we just take a

Moment to acknowledge all of the correct Calls made by the Bears thanks for watching okay A little Joke um no but let's be real like this Year has had so many macro just bullish Things go on and I have something I want To share with your audience it's never Happened before and it lines up really Well with all of these big macro factors So real quick we have let's see like the FED ending rate hikes early they didn't Continue to in uh increase interest Rates like they said they would and There's even talk of them cutting them Back now as early as Q2 or q1 uh we have The global liquidity is just Rising We're seeing stocks move stocks are at All-time highs NASDAQ is at all-time Highs uh the dollar has been incredibly Weak all throughout this year and that's Likely a big factor in it um we have Gold gold hit a new alltime high do you Remember that it happened a few weeks Ago and then disappeared all of these Things are huge they're all hug these Things together have never happened Before we've never seen something like That those well I don't know if I'm old Enough to remember if they've ever Happened no but what I have to share With you is is right after it's coming I Was going through the list we have gbtc Premium going back to zero not gonna get Into the details but that's pretty

Bullish we see things that are kind of De facto Bitcoin ETFs like uh coinbase Micr strategy stry Riot miners things Like that all doing well we're seeing Money go back into the space so I am not Really sure why you might be bearish Right now uh but that brings me to what Is brand new has never happened so this Is what's really getting me excited We've all been hearing the talk about ETFs how this is going to push the price Of Bitcoin up to the moon and I do Believe it will but there's something Really spicy going on at the exact same Time if you take a look at this chart we Have something that Bitcoin has never Done before and in traditional markets This is considered one of the most Bullish signals that we can get and that Is a golden cross on a weekly time frame Bitcoin has never seen this before we Did have yeah it's very it's very Interesting the timing of it is the is The kicker this cross will happen Roughly the first week of January does That ring any bells time wise that's the ETF exactly these things are lined up up Perfectly and I think that we're going To see Bitcoin continue this bullish Trend into next year and things are Looking really spicy I I think that's Being slept on right now people aren't Looking at this and it's these Overlapping events combined with the

Background bullish macro things going on Could you just so I fully understand it A golden cross sounds promising what Does that what what does that entail it Does well it has a funny name but really It's just a bullish cross and it's the Most simple technical analysis signals Really it's a longer moving average Crossing above a higher moving average And that might not mean anything to you But what it suggests is over longer time Periods that we're seeing the market Trend up or show bullish Strength so it's not something that Maybe you would go okay I'm all in on Leverage or something don't do that um But it is a large picture High time Frame bullish momentum in the market and That's really what they are the end of The day so this single indicator pretty Much historically speaking tells us that We got strong bullish momentum ahead of Us it definitely does we don't have any Examples in the past though that's what I was saying earlier so we don't have Something to compare it to but we do Have traditional markets uh like gold And and stocks and things that have very Long histories they have these crosses And historically they have led to Bullish continuations and so I'm betting Combined with the ETF around the same Date we're going to get some very spicy Price action Tom that is truly good to

Hear I encourage anybody from my Audience to follow Tom for the daily ta Um Tom what is your kind of like cycle Outlook well we've had a lot of talk Over the last few years of diminishing Returns uh people betting against the Crypto space or maybe just Bitcoin Saying that maybe they're the gains of The past are gone I think that that is a Foolish take I think that we are going To see something this cycle into the Next year two years that is brand new to Bitcoin uh I would price prediction wise Put it in the six figures obviously uh I Think though more accurately I might Take the 300,000 Number really wow you're not scared off By you know everybody said 100K last Cycle and then now everybody's Predictions are lower this cycle but You're saying 300K exactly I think it's gotten into Our heads everyone's big targets didn't Hit and so now we're kind of lulled into This comfort of oh well we're not going To get these big upside targets we don't Need to worry I think Bitcoin if it does Anything consistently is it proves Everyone Wrong Tom thank you so much for dropping In today and sharing us with us your Perspective um uh please uh PL give Yourself a plug and just final advice For the altcoin daily audience

Absolutely thanks for uh thanks for Tuning in guys I'm Tom Crown you can Find me on YouTube Twitter Tik Tok Anywhere anywhere that content is made And I do analysis talk crypto nerd out Uh the good Stuff my piece of advice for everyone Here we're heading into the new year and There's going to be untested Waters we Have many different factors that have Big potential and my advice is to keep Those in mind but keep your expectations Tempered and don't go chasing big gains Stick to the consistence stick to what Is high highly likely people uh I see Too many people lose their way trying to Take on too much risk and it can feel Like that when the Market's bullish that You have to but I promise you you don't You can do nothing you can just buy and Hold things if you'd like historically That's been a great strategy so cheers To 2024 and I hope I see you guys soon Again thanks Tom Merry Christmas Happy New Year Merry Christmas


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