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But what open is is is effectively Actually it's this year we launched open And what it really is is now is the Right time web 3 is ready the technology Is ready and the industry is ready today I sit down with kobby Mort and Oliver Bigs to discuss the open ticketing Ecosystem and open is kind of that very S of sexy and rebellious brand that Actually says hey there are huge Problems in the ticking industry the Tech is ready let's tackle it head on And how they're onboarding Millions into Crypto today do we we've issued I think About 5.6 million tickets on chain which Is a good number um but there's really Really it's it's a massive industry it's An $85 billion industry and seriously They're doing tickets for F1 races major Music venues we have a way of being able To onboard Millions into onchain Experiences at the touch of a button or The purchase of a ticket so as you're Searching for which our wa real world Asset coins are actually being adopted We're really excited to be pay in the Way there and I think people should Really look out for the rwa narrative And what that can entail open is a Project to watch I think this is really The year where we bring everyone on Chain watch today's whole video thank You open for partnering up today and Let's start gentlemen how did you first

Get into cryptocurrency yeah I mean so I Got into crypto around 2016 uh I Discovered eth actually wasn't Bitcoin Um it was a podcast going over the Ico And kind of the pros and cons of of the Blockchain in general but from I I have A kind of very nerdy background with Starting growing up with RuneScape and Really kind of knowing digital economies I I immediately sort of yeah my ears Pricked up and I got in that way and Then uh yeah basically just really dived Head first into the ecosystem met these Lovely Chaps at open what I really liked Was it was very grounded in reality it's A very Dutch thing actually um you know At the time there was lots of buzzwords 30,000 TPS Etc but these guys it Effectively here is a real problem in a In a huge industry affecting a lot of Different people artists organizers Etc Here's how blockchain technology can Really make an impact on how we're going To do it so immediately fell in love With it and jumped on basically a couple Of years ago I think going back four Years now so yeah that's kind of how I Got into crypto effectively yeah yeah Nice one um I come from more of a Marketing background and also kind of a More creative side writing uh that type Of thing so I like most people kind of Heard in the last bull run some Whispers Some early adopter saying you should

Really get in on this ignoring it for Too long seeing them get wealthy uh then Getting in on it but also being very I Don't have a big technical background so Things need to make sense on a very Basic level to me and then on free Economics I think the the economics Podcast they mentioned just in a by line Like there's this Dutch company that's Doing blockchain ticketing uh and I was Like oh that's cool looked them up they Were right around the corner from where I lived uh so I just swung by I was like Hey do you guys need help uh they're Like yeah you could become community Manager and uh we'll start there and now Uh it's been coming on six years already So um yeah it's it's a really great uh Great way to get involved on blockchain Ticketing is really the use case that That sticks for me and I think for a lot Of people so for somebody who's never Heard of open it is onchain ticketing But just the very Basics what is It yeah so ultimately what we really Wanted to do is build scalable Global Onchain ticking infrastructure um we we Had this web 2.5 approach for a long Long time so going back since 2016 we Always felt like in order to approach The events industry it needs to be Frictionless you know the North Star is If your grandmother can use it it's good To go right um so effectively what we

Built is just a full onchain ticking Infrastructure that any event organizer Or artist can actually tap into we built This really really like top of the State-ofthe-art in of the industry uh Yeah frictionless infrastructure that Includes everything you really need to Actually sell tickets so event dashboard Mobile application ticket scanner but What really is at the core of it is we Built out obviously a blockchain layer So every single ticket issued is issued On chain and as an attendee you don't Really need to know about it you know You purchase a ticket in local fiat Currency you go through normal flows Your ticket is tied to your mobile but Behind the scenes Onchain ticket is issued for you and That opens up a lot of benefits but what Open is is is effectively actually it's This year we launched open and what it Really is is now is the right time web 3 Is ready the technology is ready and the Industry is ready let's start actually Bringing more of those Innovations to The Forefront and open is kind of that Very sort of sexy and rebellious brand That actually says hey there are huge Problems in the ticking industry the Tech is ready let's tackle it head on so We're really trying to peel back the Layers and actually expose a lot more of Those benefits for every Everyday People

For organizers and artists which I'm Sure we'll touch upon but yeah that's What open is in a nutshell it's an Ecosystem of Builders of ticking Integrators of Independent Artists and Organizers who can really benefit from Onchain ticking that we've built over The Years so I'm going to a Laker game this Weekend what is the benefit of these Tickets onchain for the customer and What's the benefit for the Issuer yeah I mean so for the for the Issuer the benefits really are are Multiple folds it's across the entire Life cycle of a ticket I think one of The biggest unlocks is the event Financing so to to take it back I mean a Lot of event organizers and artists Require funding in order to be able to Put on their event you know there are a Lot of different deposits that need to Be paid before they're actually able to Sell tickets so you know usually you Would go to a centralized ticking Company and they would provide a loan um And that's like the Crux really of what Makes ticketing run um the problem there Is the fact that that is a hugely Powerful position to be in if you're Able to give financing out right so These centralized ticketing companies Say hey okay fine here's this loan but You're going to need to do ticketing

With us for multiple years you're going To need to play at the venues that we Own and we're going to like take a a Huge percentage of your actual fees so They lose out on revenue and data a Massive benefit of on ticketing is it's Of course tied into the nature of a Blockchain right you have Public Funding Quite literally because of the nature of Onchain capital so that allows these Onchain tickets to actually be bundled As collateral and used to raise Financing for an event so as an artist Or an organizer you can quite literally Raise funding via your onchain tickets And then be able to put on your event And you know have the benefits there That's just one of them the others are Sort of transparency and accountability Anyone around the world can see tickets When they're issued we have this really Cool Explorer where you can see Real-time ticket data for events around The world so it's a real nice Accountability layer and I think a huge Unlock then is post event so no longer Is a ticket really the single use access Tool it's this thing that always lives On effectively it's an access class into Digital experiences as an artist or an Organizer you can build a community with Them so you can quite literally go hey You've been to my event here's access Into this telegram into this Discord

Into whatever it may be so I think Really the benefits for an issue across The life cycle effectively maybe ol you Want to touch upon the benefits for the Uh yeah for the actual attendee yeah so It's it's no secret that ticking is is Kind of messed up uh for lack of Exploitive uh but um basically anyone Around the world has issues with ticket Scalping or ticket fraud or or just it Being an enormous pain in the ass There's the explanation uh so the Um it's it's a very easy pitch in that Regard uh to to average fans we just say Hey we just have a very straightforward Uh mechanism where you can buy a ticket In a way where you know uh it hasn't Been messed with it's the price that the Artist set for it uh no one got in Between no one got their foot and door Um this is what it is that's basically The pitch so we don't try to sell too Much blockchain where it's not needed uh Because there's a learning curve people For good or bad reasons have some Connotations to it um so we've learned If you want to reach the masses and do Big stadium shows like we've done 20,000 People you just need to show prove prove Uh that you can do it you need to really Walk the walk um so Simplicity is key uh So we really put a lot of time in uh in Creating an environment that's super Straightforward uh makes sense uh and

After a while when people and artists And organizers have a have a great time Uh have a good experience for a long Time they see all the data they're Collecting they have a very Straightforward Revenue process then They actually get interested in like hey What's this about oh built this Blockchain infrastructure and here's how We do it and then they actually really Uh you know then they come on board with The the tech side of it um but Straightforward it's it's just no Scalping uh there's there's no messing With the tickets fans can check the the History of their tickets life cycle they Can see chain the price that it's been Paid for it whether there's been any Markups or not um etc etc yeah and then Also like another really cool thing that That um fans are able to unlock there is Obviously it makes tickets a lot less Boring so you know it's naturally an nft So you can basically have like this Evolving nft where pre-event you've got This really cool design but then post Event it actually becomes clips from the Event new music an artist signature we Actually did that with the really cool Irish upand cominging sing songwriter D M Kennedy he did this really cool bus in Edinburgh and anyone who came along they Were able to get like a footage of him Singing he released some new music that

He dropped as the ticket and then signed Each one of them so it's a really nice Momento effectively that kind of yeah Isn't something you throw straight into The trash when you've used it yeah we Got a ton ton of cool examples like that Like we take it the Dutch basketball Champion here so for your Lakers example Uh what we do with them we do Dynamic Nfts that first are just the the cover Image for the game so you see the two Teams then post game we update the image To show a highlight of the game and then It reflects the score it gets a green Gradient if it's a win etc etc so fans Really collect all those memories very Tangibly and in five years from now you You'll remember whether you were in Attendance for the championship game or You'll be able to see oh yeah that was That game and they could even unlock Benefits five years down the line as Well right like if you were at that Winning game you get access to a ticket Shop or meet and greet whatever it may Be so yeah it's endlessly Accessible to me onchain ticketing seems Obvious it seems it's needed it's going To happen I totally understand the value Ad the question is who's going to do it What's the company to do it you gave two Great examples like what else is the Track record H how have you been used Thus

Far so uh so we I would say unfort are The market leader and I don't say that's A brag but we really see it as rising Ties lifting all boats so we are really Rooting for anyone that's supporting This use case or that's that's trying to Uh to boost it um so there since our Beginning we have tried to keep score we Counted about 170 web3 ticketing Projects um I don't think there are many Left on that list um that is because Breaking into the actual web 2 world um Is tricky uh for a bunch of reasons some Are very Puritan about the onchain part Which is great and we are as well but It's really tough to make the connection To uh the average event organizers and Have them trust you with their business Which is what it comes down to in the at The end of the day um so It's Tricky it Requires trust it requires building Relationships it requires um yeah making The tech accessible in in ways that um Requires a lot of heavy lifting Initially uh so we we did a lot of that Uh a lot of that heavy lifting over the Past six years where we feel we have a Pretty robust tool stack now um that can Be put into the hands of Independent Artists but also really the bigger Ticketing companies that want to kind of Dabble because we've seen a lot of Really big companies show a lot of Interest in web 3 uh but they might be

Conservative because a they don't want To throw all their Tech out that they've Built over the last 20 years which is Understandable uh and B there's there's Still a reputational thing to be Considered so they don't want to run any Risks uh so that's why we have Integrations as kind of like a Lego Block Dynamic so we offer really entry Levels for any type of organization or Artists uh so it can be a massive Stadium which we ticket but it can also Be um maybe an existing ticketer that Just wants to put an allocation of their Tickets on chain and kind of see what That looks like and see how people Interact with them Um so I think that kind of wider pallet Of of business options and and lower Thresholds is what's going to drive the Adoption um to date we've issued I think About 5.6 million tickets on chain um Which is a good number um but there's Really really it's it's a massive Industry it's an 85 billion dollar uh Industry so there's really uh a big way To go and that's why we are totally not Tribal so we really want to we really See this as the use case that's also Going to drive wider web 3 adoption we Really want to work together with the The brightest Minds in the space anyone Who sees this use case like you said a Lot of people really understand it say

Like oh that makes sense for nfts that Makes sense for onchain for web 3 um the Potential is there and uh we really feel That through collaboration uh we're Going to get there and especially Recently we've seen a lot of cool Collaborations pop up we're working Closely with the people at Bas who Support also the Rebrand and um and kind Of we're going to bring tickets there as Well as our token uh but we're also Talking to the salana foundation who've Been awesome um so we really want to Spread it out wide and and um get as Many people on board with the mission as Possible yeah and to touch upon sort of Past clients we've been really lucky to Kind of work quite broadly across music Sport and and Theater even last year we Did the zanol Grand Prix so which is you Know obviously one of the F1 stops in The calendar year we worked with the Dutch Grand Prix they were really Enthusiastic about it obviously because They're so forward looking and we we Broke up the whole track into 100,000 Coordinates with them and every single Person who purchased a ticket was able To get what they call the Trackside Treasure so on the day of the race it Revealed as one of those coordinates With this really cool clip of the race Direct in the Dutch G app GP app tied to Their ticket so we've done some really

Cool use cases on that front and then Every month we routinely do the Ziggodome which is Europe's largest Music venue here in the in Amsterdam Which is just you know all kinds of cool Music acts that routinely sort of do 18,000 20,000 attendee uh concerts so We've really built it to scale we've Really built it battle tested so as I Mentioned earlier like even your grandma Could sort of buy a ticket and have a Time of your life so yeah and there's Been a couple cool integrators also Around the world who have kind of taken Our Tech and ren with it so there's a Cool integrator in states that have also Ticketed uh for Gucci main big uh big Rap show Lupe Fiasco we had one in Korea That did like a Korean Museum exhibit That to me was the coolest thing because It was so far out of my world where I Was like wow that's happening right now Across the globe so there's been some Really great uh use cases uh but yeah We're working on a lot more because There's really much bigger part of the Buy that we're ready to to go For what's what would you you guys are You know want adoption for everything But Sports versus music versus other What's the bigger Opportunity great question actually I Mean sport I think sport is always Forward- facing so in terms of

Opportunity for integration now is kind Of the time where Sports uh Organizations federations are looking Into this technology and trying to Implement it that we still see some Caution there where they they see it as Something they can do externally to an External community base but it still has Layers of bureaucracy and hierarchy that It needs to go through in order to be Like really delivered to the core fans Because they've got them they've got Them engaged really already but I think That's the area where we see a lot of Opportunity right now we've kind of Built this API that can plug quite Frictionlessly into these different Organizations ticket bases and that's Something we we use for the Grand Prix As well so I think that's an area we're Going to see a lot more Innovation from This year specifically and we've got a Really cool integrator actually Announced this week that does really Cool Sports Marketing campaigns that Kind of uses that but I think ultimately I I would say music really like Ju Just Because it's a bread and butter kind of Event type you know like it happens all Around the world it happens routinely With high frequency it's something that Um you know I think artists and Organizers are actually the core uh Benefit of this technology I think

That's really the thing whether it's Financing whether it's connecting with Fans um so that I think is the yeah the Golden Goose I think the level of fandom Is kind of the the key denominator I Think that exists both in sports and Certain sort of subsets of of Music Where if the fans are willing to wait Outside in uh in the Gold for a couple Hours uh I think then there's an even Bigger value add for taking things on Chain where the collector value goes up Uh F will have a huge emotional Resonance with with the experience Um and then also that's when you see the Biggest issues like around Taylor Swift Like in all the all the dramas around That that's when the most money gets Eaten up by scalpers or that's when People get duped because the demand is So high um that uh it gets a little Testy so I think anywhere where the the Fan Creator connection is at its highest That's where the yeah the biggest value Lies for for putting things on chain Larry think of Black Rock along with Many others have said real world assets That is happening that's key to me Onchain ticketing very obvious use case In real world assets can you guys get Into that get into that yeah I I mean I Think one of the most fascinating things About ticket inventory as an asset is it Doesn't require you know huge sign off

On a legal front there's no you know hey Like if you want to tokenize real estate You need to go through all of these Checks with ticketing inventory it's Quite literally the event organizer Artist who has the power to put that on Shape and we can facilitate that Relationship we see it we see it really As the most accessible rwa at this Moment in time just because of the she Volume right it's in the millions of Tickets the millions of attendees that Can own these assets um so I I think It's huge potential um what really what We want to do is facilitate a ecosystem Where if you bring a ticket on chain as A real world asset you then unlock a Multitude of ways that you can use that Right so one of them is event financing Where okay I want to use these as Collateral raise money put on my event Fund those deposits the other is it Could even be a marketing Branch right Where the ecosystem is incentivized to Help you sell those tickets you set the Amount that you want to make from an Onchain ticket being sold you set the Amount that you allow resale to occur And all of a sudden the ecosystem is Incentivized to help sell them it could Be an influencer in a specific location That can sell them via their platform it Could be a Marketplace like magic Eden For example it's really composable when

You bring a ticket on chain where it Gets sold and then you bring it back Into an environment that the artist or Organizer controls which is like the Ticket application so it's this perfect Way of making something fungible and Then bring it back to being non-fungible When you need it to be when the ticket Gets scanned um so yeah it's it's super Frictionless really um we're really Excited about and something that can Happen now I think really what's Important Like Larry think is obviously Future proofing for 10 years 50 years There's a lot of like legal loopholes That need to happen to be able to make That possible and we're really coming in And being able to say hey here's 20 Million tickets this year perhaps 50 Million the next this is Yeah just Something that that could really benefit People so yeah and Oliver what is the What's the use case of the token Obviously I need it to interact so what Is use case then also tokenomics yeah so We have the OPN token um and this is Basically the fuel for all tooling so on The integrator side we have about 15 to 20 integrators around the world who are Issuing tickets using the op open Tooling they need to top up OPN Essentially uh as a type of credit or Fuel to issue tickets so it's quite Straightforward uh so there it's it's a

It's a volume game the more tickets they Issue the more op they need uh on the Token holder side it's also on the open Market uh across a few dexes uh and a Couple exchanges and we'll be added to More uh on the token holder side so we Have a really cool speaking of rwa yield Uh for sakers so basically it comes down To any ticket issued means more yield to Stakers which is something we're really Proud of to me to my simple non non-de Brain that makes a lot of sense uh so That's something we're really proud About and uh also Uh we have a really cool Dow a ticketing Revolution Dow um that's kind of Supporting our mission uh looking for Ways to bring in Builders uh looking for Ways to really spread the word about What we're doing and and find new Avenues and collaborations uh so that Dow there the Stak OPN has a governance Uh purpose uh as well as there are all Sorts of cool grants uh for anyone Basically that can add value to to the Mission um yeah right guys I I feel so Much like more connected to this project Or so much more of an understanding Since you guys since we took this time To talk about this so so thank you is There anything we didn't cover that's Worth mentioning or maybe just what to Look forward to in the Future so I think the the thing I'm most

Excited about looking forward to for This year is just adding more volume on Chain so we did about five and a half Million tickets to date we've got a Couple of really big deals with some Really Big um organizations uh that are looking To go from from zero to one basically on Onchain ticketing uh it takes quite a While to get them to do so sometimes They're concerned or they have Hesitations but we have a track record Now where we can point to where we say Hey these are the value ads that we're Bringing to you H and right now luckily We're in a position where that usually Gets them across the line uh so I'm most Excited about doing that and getting Them to try out this stuff with us and And really we really see it as let's Bring as many organizations on chain uh As possible so that doesn't mean taking Everything and pushing them really hard And on all sorts of complicated web3 Stuff but let's get some experiences Under their belt let's let's start doing This uh and put their ticket inventory On chain um and build from there uh and That's really the first step and then Basically I see it kind of like we get That web two traction and then we also Want to divide it up amongst the web 3 Um world ecosystem uh bring them to our Partners bring them to multiple change

When chains when they're suitable uh Introduce new tooling from people that We think is awesome and sort of unlock New features for them uh so that's sort Of that growth is really we're looking To project about 20 million tickets uh On chain for this year alone so we're Really stoked about uh about that Development yeah and then for me I think What Oliver touched on with with the Multi-chain aspect you know you see a Lot of blockchains out there a lot of Infrastructure has being built and There's simply not enough users to use Those those pieces of Technology right So we see ourselves as an app layer For Hire like really like putting it bluntly There are lots of different blockchains We'd love to work with we have a way of Being able to onboard Millions into Onchain experiences at the touch of a Button or the purchase of a ticket um And we're going to be able to do that Like this year so yeah whether it's an Evm compatible chain or other we really Want to be able to bring users on chain And help these infrastructure layers out So I'm really looking forward to that uh Specifically this is great guys and at This Laker game I'm gonna ask them about Onchain ticketing and we'll see what the Please do yeah the random lady that Doesn't that's not in charge says um but Uh cool guys this is awesome um where

Can my audience find you and just final Message for the altcoin daily Army all Right go yeah so I'll say so to find us The best place is onopen doxyz Specifically to get a good ecosystem Overview it's onopen doxyz portal or Click the sort of enter the portal on The website that really just gives a Great overview of here's where you can Find the token our community docs our Dow Etc um and yeah I want to kind of Impart the message of I think this is Really the year where we bring everyone On chain right whether it is financially Whether is through events I think this Is the year of consumer crypto and we're Really excited to be Paving the way There and I think people should really Look out for the rwa narrative and what That can entail because it's very Exciting and it's finally I think Benefiting everyone around the world Like how people Invision all the way Back when Bitcoin was created so yeah Really Excited yeah not much more to add I Think uh we're on X Twitter also at Onopen XYZ um I think I'm really proud of the Community that we have we have quite a Vibrant Community uh and there's really Uh kind of an Avenue for everyone to get Involved so if you're a builder looking To build some cool stuff or you have

Ideas around this use case uh maybe some Prototyping or maybe some real tangible Things that we could put into the field Tomorrow uh we have grants we have uh Places for you to develop these ideas uh If you're a Speculator I think there's Cool stuff on the token side if you're Just a fan of the use case we have Plenty of folks who are just hanging out In our Telegram and Discord uh and just Talking about it and and um seeing as it Develops day by day uh so we'd really Love to have you uh yeah I just followed You on Twitter so I'm looking forward to It


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