$1 Million Dollars in Crypto is Possible!! [My 1 Year Plan]

Hello I'm ethereum and I'm big Finance Big things are happening behind the Scenes number one Fidelity has just Disclosed an almost 5 million seed Investment into their ethereum ETF Black Rock continues to update its S1 getting Ready for the ethereum ETF launch the Reason for the call today John is Something just came across my desk John It is perhaps the best thing I've seen In the last 6 months if you have 60 Seconds I'd like to share the idea in Fact every single applicant is in a Hurry to update their filings the fee Wars have begun you remember when this Happened with Bitcoin in this case all Spot eth ETF S1 amendments are now in Bitwise Fidelity 21 shares grayscale Franklin vanck ishares and vesco all of These major companies are about to get Very competitive trying to get you to Buy ethereum through them for instance What an awesome ethereum commercial by Bitwise hello I'm ethereum and I'm big Finance you okay you look really tired Just calling it a day but it's 4:00 p.m. Yeah and I've been working non-stop Since 9:30 this morning so 9:30 you Don't say yep you'd want a little shuty Too if you've been moving billions Around the world well actually I do you Know stable coins nfts loans people can Access me 24/7 what but look everyone's different

You should get your rest you've had a Long day well I have haven't I Definitely you'll get after it tomorrow Tomorrow's Saturday Monday you'll get After it again on Monday Monday I mean I'm old enough to remember when the Mainstream media hated crypto this Terrible price action crypto has given Us pause and forced us to ask a tough Question should we continue to cover Bitcoin and the answer is sadly no so Today we are having a funeral for Bitcoin it was fun while it lasted so Many memories so many friends there was Tom Lee in his calls for 20,000 by year End there was noats in his calls for 40,000 and there was Ripple I think We'll miss you most of all Brad Garlinghouse and then there were the Characters Bitcoin Jesus the Oracle of Bitcoin all 500 of ethereum co-founders And who could forget the coinbase screen Grab and Mindless trolling on Twitter And of course our Bitcoin bug Bitcoin we Hardly knew you now we have coinbase Releasing crypto ads every Month I have the same Problem sending money to my grandmother In Mex Meo but it feels as if I'm Sending it to the Moon let me Explain this is my grandma yya yui or Lauis and as my mom would Say and I don't deny it laui knits

Paints embroiders Cooks deliciously and Runs but there's a small inconvenience Y Is far away 2555 mil away in pbla Mexico that's 41 Hours by car 3 Days by bus 255 hours by Bike 953 hours walking and if there were A direct flight from New York 6 hours by Plane because of this I don't see her as Often as I would like and when trying to Transfer money from the United States I Basically have two [Music] Options the first is to go to a bank Where they take a fee and up to 5 days To arrive then yui goes to the bank and They take another fee slow and expensive No thank You for the second one I get a flight Back wake up at 5:00 a.m. and go to the Airport go through security watch a Movie on the Flight some turbulence and land then Wait for the luggage look for buses from Mexico to p take it then I finally Tex Into my grandmother's house and finally Give her the money believe it or not This is faster than a wire transfer but Way more expensive and ultimately I can Do this every Month what I didn't tell you is that There is a Third Way Crypto with coinbase wallet sending usdc Is as quick as sending a text and it's Completely free if it only came with

USIS Cooking now we have coin specific ads And obviously ethereum is just the start Then we'll see salana we're going to see A lot more coins I think in a year from Now looking back what we'll see in Crypto is this turns into something like This and all the dominoes are falling Into place like you know the SEC has Ended its probe into consensus will not Be suing over ethereum listen to this This is consensus' representative Talking about the importance of this Does this week's development settle some Of the other concerns you outlined in The lawsuit against the SEC the claims The SEC has wavered on ethereum's Classification as a security do you Think that is more clear now yes the the Letter does give us some of what we've Sought and I think that's important to Underline we asked the Court to declare That the ethereum investigation was Unlawful and that it could no longer Proceed and that also the SEC should be Barred from bringing an enforcement Action against cons consensus predicated On the ethereum 2.0 investigation now The letter by saying that the is closing The investigation without charges Against consensus does give us some of The things that we have been seeking in The lawsuit but again we still are Looking for that declaration that

Metamask swaps and metamask staking are Not violating the Securities laws bro if Bitcoin was going to hit $120,000 US presidential candidates Would be talking about it we will ensure That the future of crypto and the future Of Bitcoin will be made in America we're Going to keep it right here Black Rock Would be getting involved I see value in Having an ethereum ETF mainstream Finance channels would be dedicating air Time to covering it our bull case and we Think the probability of the bull case Has increased with this SEC approval This is a green light our bull case is $1.5 Million by 2030 look I truly Believe something like this will take Place in one year from now people will Be like I wish I bought Bitcoin at 64k I Wish I bought ethereum at 3,500 I wish I Bought salana at $130 I wish I bought Link at $14 the prices of today will Look like a steal in a year from now Anything can happen of course but There's a reason why notable financial Institutions like vanak are making bold Predictions on bitcoin ethereum salana And crypto like this listen what is your Bullish case for Bitcoin eth and salana Right now out of the research yeah so Out of the research uh the official Price Target on Bitcoin is 325,000 uh Which is half the market cap of gold We're going to have some new research

Soon that incorporates the layer 2 Opportunity um and should send the price Target higher for eth new report dropped Uh today 22,000 per coin we estimate That the network is going to produce $70 Billion of free cash flow by 2030 33 Times that and then Solana our base case Was 300 bucks uh that base case is Obsolete now because we used a lower Market share number for Solana because Of some of the technical debt uh and They've made a lot of progress so bull Case on that 3,000 365 22,000 and 3,000 yeah so yes Prepare for the ethereum ETF launch in The US July 2nd prepare for the computer And tech company Dell to put Bitcoin on It balance sheet or for billionaire Tech CEO of Del Michael to buy Bitcoin we Reported this to you yesterday I think It's coming hey and make sure you get Your tickets to bitcoin Nashville we'll Be speaking there I hope to hang out With you use code altcoin daily for 10% Off tickets linked below unfortunately My friends people aren't that interested In crypto down here when Bitcoin breaks 80k when Bitcoin breaks 100K then people Are going to be rushing in until then we Keep our heads down we double down we Keep studying now is the time to be more Involved in crypto than you ever have Been now is the best time in my Experience guys 2024 turning into a

Great year 2025 looks to be like it's Going to be a great year stay bullish my Name's Aaron see you tomorrow


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