#1 Crypto Investment Mistake! 🚨 (DO NOT DO THIS)

And that's saying that most people don't Get when they first invest in crypto how Big is the opportunity in the altcoin Space the opportunity is huge but the Risk is also huge everyone comes into Bitcoin then what they do is they look Back and they look at all the people That bought Bitcoin at 100 and five Dollars and ten dollars and they go wow Look how much money they made and look How easily they made the money and this Is my opportunity to get life-changing Returns but I'm not going to make the Life-changing returns in Bitcoin so then We go to ethereum and we say okay well You know what ethereum's the next one But then you look at ethereum and you go Ethereum is also growing too slowly for Me and you start moving down looking and I think essentially what people are Looking for is they're looking to make The same life-changing returns that the Early investors in Bitcoin made And there will be one or two altcoins Probably that emerge as networks and When those networks emerge you may Actually get into another Bitcoin But the risks are very very very very Very high and I think that's what most People don't understand so they come Here and they try and play old coins and They think that they you know they join Usually in Bull markets in Orlando Making a lot of money in the beginning

And then they think that they're Geniuses because they think that they Wow I'm so good at this like I can make So much money like look I put a hundred Dollars into it and my hundred dollars Is 300 and then they put more money into It and then they put more money into it And some people even mortgage their Houses and their cars and the problem is That then the market crashes and then Everything gets whacked out and that's Unfortunately how the cycle goes I'm very very very skeptical of retail Investors playing in all coins because They do it for the wrong reasons and Without understanding And If you want to get quite philosophical About altcoins you know I don't know how Many people will actually understand This but it's probably the biggest shoe That ever dropped for me was when I Actually understood how risky crypto Investing actually is I'll share it with You because I think you'll understand it But and maybe some people in the Audience will also understand it So People equate crypto investing to high Return Venture investing okay so like When you invest in crypto you kind of Think to yourself hey I'm a VC I'm like The VCS I'm now investing in these early Stage companies and I'm gonna make

Returns when the companies grow big What they don't understand is that when You invest in a company you invest in a Management team you're investing in a Bunch of people And when you invest in a bunch of people You trust that they can change course And direction if market conditions Change along the way so like you invest In a company that's for example starting A chat app and Something goes wrong in the market and They realize that the chat apps are too Saturated they pivot they pivot their Chat app to become a social media site And that kind of works and because you Back the right team they could pivot Right that's like that's what VC Investing is all about and that's why It's so important to invest in the right People When you invest in a crypto protocol It's an all or nothing bit so let's just Take like ethereum or let's say cardeno Or whatever whatever the the protocol is If you back a team building a proof of Stake blockchain And that is what the team is going to Build And there's no pivoting you can't then Pivot that into a social media app or Into a Exchange Because it's it's like it's like playing Roulette and putting your your money

Onto one number and you can't change While they're late spinning like that's It and typically what seems like a good Idea today Isn't the best idea in two years And unlike investing in a company where The team can pivot and use the remaining Funds to do something else generally When you invest in a crypto project You're investing in a one protocol One Direction and that makes investing in Altcoins and crypto protocols much Riskier than investing in companies You have one roll of the dice in one Vertical and if you take a wrong bet Then there's no pivoting the team ain't Gonna do a 360 and or a 180 and do Something else because that's not how Crypto works When you understand that you you Understand that crypto is investing is Exponentially more risky than Venture Investing and that's saying that most People don't get when they first invest In crypto


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