#1 Best App to make MONEY Online! Paysenger App & EGO Crypto Token

This new crypto app passenger is a web 3 Social media platform specifically Designed for creators this is really Cool we have analyzed more than 600 Platforms and found major problems we Have done what no one else did for Creators we made a real Revolution Passenger has not only perfected the Best monetization tools on the internet That help create sustainable income Donations subscriptions content on Demand and paid chats but also acquired New ones and most importantly we have Packaged these tools into our platform In the most unique way we have build Technology that gives creators an Unprecedented advantage over others who Don't make use of it massive user base Passenger boasts an active Community With over 500 000 users and more than Fifty thousand creators they're powered By polygon and accelerated by consensus Passenger is backed by polygon and Benefits from consensus's acceleration Currently using a test token called Tigo Passenger has announced its upcoming Transition to mainnet passenger allows You to create content and sell premium Access to followers And that's not it it turns every post or Piece of content into nfts that brings You additional income passenger Distributes profits among creators and Rewards popular content with tokens if

You create content that goes viral you Get rewarded for it and your followers Can purchase your content which not only Pays you but also them as they can Monetize that content especially if it Goes viral finally nfts are long-term Investments That continue to pay Royalties to their owners and the more Popular the post is the more tokens it Will receive the tokens I mentioned can Be earned by creating content on the Platform and also performing daily tasks Creators and fans will have a better Overall experience with passenger Because of the problems that passenger Addresses pacinger's mission is to Create the best tool on the market for Audience engagement and earning through Creativity passenger has partnered with Us today to make this video possible so What is passenger what problems does Passenger solve passenger it's like Patreon meets Cameo meets crypto watch This one minute clip so you understand What is passenger Bassinger is a Platform that has revolutionized the Relationship between creators and Their Audience surely you've heard of services That help creators find patrons for Example patreon or services that offer The opportunity to order personalized Content from influencers for example Cameo platforms like this however do Have inherent limitations for example

The biggest limitation is that these Platforms require people to pay real Money in addition in order to find Financial support in stable income Creators need to constantly ask for Support in their videos which Considerably lowers a viewing experience Of their fans And creators themselves don't like it Much either according to research the Vast majority of creators do not get Paid enough on such platforms so our Team analyzed over 600 such services and Created a unique platform for creators Pay center not only offers the best Content monetization tools and audience Engagement features it also allows Creators to offer their content to a Bigger paying audience allowing creators To easily get paid by selling their Content so think about this why would You start posting on passenger why would You want to create an account and start Posting on passenger well the main Advantage of the pay center app is its Versatility the tools are simple easy to Understand suitable for podcasters Bloggers musicians game developers 3D Print model creators experts coaches the Services suitable for everybody Passenger provides extensive support to Their creators and share is with them The best ways to use the product for Various cases markets and categories and

Of course if you're actively making Content you could start accumulating the Ego token well what about the ego token This token is the backbone of the app I'd like to hear more about the token Passenger uses ego tokens passenger uses Ego tokens which can be earned directly On the platform by completing tasks and Fulfilling orders creators earned by Selling their content and viewers get Paid for completing certain tasks for Example for watching videos commenting Ordering content or helping creators Achieve their goals all these activities Are new tokens and allow you to build a Closer mutually beneficial relationship With your favorite Creator additionally Through tasks and rewards the platform Motivates users to order paid content Support creators on a one-time or Monthly basis and to buy nfts all of This generates passive income for Creators as they're able to achieve Their financial goals and build Communities around their content by the Way payments on passenger are not just Limited to tokens alone people can use Real money as well this is why the Project is an deal bridge between web 2 And web 3 and it's not a service at only Crypto enthusiasts can benefit from the Platform encourages its users to perform All activities using tokens to earn Using tokens and also make purchases

Using tokens after all using tokens you Can pay your favorite creators to Produce content communicate with them And support their creativity turn Creator posts into digital assets by Turning them into nfts to earn even more Tokens Upgrade your profile by opening Different loyalty levels in exchange for Tokens this is available for both Creators and users These levels provide serious advantages Such as Auto minting of all content into Nfts the ability to view premium content For free as well as withdrawal of tokens Yes in order to withdraw tokens earned On the platform users must spend a Certain amount first Due to this the total number of tokens In circulation will decrease with each Active user we have worked hard on the Economics of tokens on the platform you Can learn more from our white paper or By trying out the app it's already Available on Apple Store and Google Play Although some features are still in Development the app is actively being Tested and the number of users has Already reached around half a million The platform is being developed by an Experienced team backed by VCS and Partners such as the likes of polygon And consensus ego token is supported by Well-known media platforms and creators

Who have become our ambassadors so I've Created an account to show you what it Looks like as you can see my little Profile up here Aaron nothing in my Account yet as far as a balance but I Have yet to post or interact with any Content we have the search bar up here So I can search for Content that I'm Interested in crypto or so be it and see What's trend ending whether I want to Look at all influence or Sports whatever This is what's trending you can see the Artist's selection crypto enthusiasts Bloggers more sets music models unusual Creators Health experts the Discoverability for this app which is Key looks like it's pretty good of Course we're on the Creator's feed let's Go to the regular feed okay very Interesting this is what it looks like My friends what do you think in the nft Marketplace right up here I don't know What do you think wouldn't it be cool to Start earning a crypto balance to post YouTube's got to get on this so with Passenger you create you impact you earn You can sign up for free today Everything here all at once different Services are no longer needed your Followers will thank you nft Marketplace Content on demand crypto daily tasks Membership zero percent service fee for Your first year no service fee for you Or your fans the first year except for

The bank fee the best conditions for the Best we can't control what happens hey If that's on the banks right can't tell Them not to take a fee we engage your Fans with daily tasks and rewards Passenger will engage your audience and Increase your income not just for fans Friends family gather your tribe unique Statuses for the most faithful so 50 000 Creators love passenger maybe you will Be the 50 000th and first Creator Everything you need all in one place say Goodbye to only fans patreon Cameo Develop an audience here looks to be Profitable stable support for your Creativity guys take a look at the Website I'm going to leave links to all Of this in the description below again Paid communication memberships Gamification ego token nft Marketplace Zero percent free why not try this out Why not create an account like I did Grateful fans profile enhancement Advanced Security check out the Frequently asked questions everything You want to know about this website this Platform this service is linked below Click through to the site my name is Aaron see you tomorrow my friends


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