$1.5 Million Bitcoin is not crazy…

Like I think 1.5 million in the next Bull 
Run is like not that crazy I think nation   States are going to get very much into the 
Bitcoin game and you know they have blank   Checks they print money and buy things with it 
the demand is there like think about the world   That is interacting with Bitcoin today we have a 
world where the US dollar is losing its hegemony   You have countries who are deciding between 
do I want to stick with the US dollar or do   I want to go with the communist China regime 
those are my two options right doesn't Bitcoin   Being this third apolitical Switzerland type 
option for Global Currency already show its   Value I mean people are already holding gold 
these countries are already accumulating gold   So you know this is just one narrative 
yeah I could see it run up pretty hugely   On the next cycle what you generally see 
is close to 100x from the previous bottom


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