🚨 The Great Binance Coinbase BLACK BOX Tether Conspiracy ⚠️

Something Fishy is going on coinbase CEO Has just dropped a bombshell binance Sold all of its usdc why in a startling Revelation during coinbase's Q2 earnings Call CEO Brian Armstrong revealed that Binance the world's leading Cryptocurrency exchange has liquidated Its entire Holdings of the stablecoin Usdc this unexpected disclosure comes as A surprise prompting a flurry of Speculation and Analysis about binance's Motivation and the potential Implications for the stablecoin market Quote usdc market cap is up after Binance pulled out Armstrong reportedly Stuttered during coinbase's earnings Call the unexpected answer seemed to Imply that the crypto exchange binance Was a holder of circle and that usdc is Safer now that binance no longer holds The stable so is Brian Armstrong saying That CZ or binance was suppressing Growth and Adoption of circles usdc what Is he saying the news that CZ sold all Of its usdc is Raising eyebrows given That binance was a substantial holder of Usdc a stable coin owned by a Consortium That includes coinbase however the Situation becomes more complex when we Consider the current state of usdc the Stable coins market cap has been Shrinking rapidly in recent months Plummeting from 44.5 billion at the Start of the year to a mere 26.06

Billion at press time this comes on the Heels of the Federal Deposit Insurance Agency's fdic's intervention to prevent A bank run on circles main Banks a move That effectively saved usdc we know in Just the last couple months binance's Stablecoin busd was going through it Even getting deal listed by coinbase at A certain point so what is binance Focusing on now they're actually Pivoting they're actually shifting let Me show you today binance appears to be Focusing on TUSD true USD some call it Tron USD a Stable coin it has adopted as a quasi Replacement for busd after paxos was Forced to Halt issuance to put this Simply I think what we're talking about Here is a shrewd move by CZ binance to Take even more control of the crypto Market I'm not the only one with this Theory CTO of tether tweets isn't it Interesting that tether is being Pressured down slightly within 10 basis Points just to push market makers to React and then usdc the main competitor That you would expect being gaining from The situation is redeemed heavily Nonetheless while suddenly it can Competitor born two days ago is getting It all exactly it feels definitely Organic and not manipulative at all some People never learn do you understand What we're saying CZ and tron's Justin

Sun have been exiting tether and usdc to Get regular US dollars but tether can't Redeem billions new stable coins emerge True USD Tron USD denominated volumes Went from 0 to 20 percent in just a few Months binance controls 90 percent of TUSD Supply this is very simple the Cartel is turning please advise make Sure you make an account on bitget Sponsor of our channel for a chance to Win over five thousand dollars in prizes Completing different tasks you must be Outside the U.S to make an account now Big different new prize competition just Announced the newest competition is this UK exclusive come complete one quiz for A chance to win two premier league Tickets and five percent APR Subscription vouchers with August just Around the corner we're here now bitget Would like to thank our UK users for Their unwavering support we've prepared A quiz promotion for the summer time as Inflation worsens in the UK crypto Earned products and staking projects Offer passive income opportunities to Counter inflation of course there is Risk bitget is offering users a chance To get a five percent APR subscription Voucher check out this page for full Contest details and remember any new User can take advantage of bitget's full Promotional contests and tasks complete Certain tasks and win over five thousand

Dollars in cash and prizes make an Account try it out bitget is a leading Spot and derivative exchange certainly One of the best places to trade if you Don't have an account use our link below Make an account bitget is a top five Derivative Exchange in the world a top 10 spot Exchange in the world they are The largest and leading spot and Futures Copy trading platform they have 8 Million users in more than 100 countries They have a 300 million protection fund Second only to binance I believe they do Merkel tree proof of reserves they Partnered with Lionel Messi hurry up Create an account link below first 1000 People who use our link get special Bonuses buy and trade crypto at bit get Exchange so as usdc in trouble is tether In trouble maybe some of our audience Members who've been with us a while who Are crypto ogs can help explain it to Some of the newer people in the comments Section now tether has actually just Quietly creeped into the 11th largest Bitcoin holder spot in the world CZ Calling tether a black box earlier this Week let me tell you why some people Find this concerning stablecoin issuer Tether has become the 11th largest Bitcoin holder in the world in a move That will spark Intrigue and speculation About its ability to impact the market While tether hasn't officially disclosed

Its Bitcoin addresses they do not Publish proof of reserves Tom Wan a Researcher Analyst at 21 Co says that he Discovered an address that potentially Belongs to tether that currently holds About 55 000 Bitcoin worth around 1.6 Billion a source with direct knowledge Of the matter confirmed to the block That tether is the 11th largest Bitcoin Holder in the world although tether Declined to comment why is this Concerning art tethers large Bitcoin Holdings a cause of concern well to be Fair and I lacked with this research Analyst at crypto Quant said to be fair In a broader context the increase of Tether's Bitcoin Holdings isn't Necessarily a major concern as tether Also possesses a significant amount of U.S treasuries and other dollar Denominated assets by the way if you've Been in crypto as long as I have you Remember when tether used to be backed One to one one tether one dollar so the Real cause for concern here that tether Is now the 11th largest Bitcoin holder In the world the key issue is that this Contributes to compounding risk as it Introduces additional volatility to the Value of the company's total reserves That back up the stablecoin moreover Since tether serves as a foundational Pillar for the crypto Market any Unfavorable events affecting tether

Could potentially have a detrimental Impact on the price of Bitcoin and the Entire cryptocurrency Market tether a Black box tether has been criticized for Not publishing proper audits of its Reserves as it only publishes Attestation reports earlier this week Binance co-founder and CEO CZ called to Tether a black box in an ask me anything Session because it doesn't publish these Audit reports CZ creating a little bit Of fun around tether as he exits so what Do you think Generally speaking I'm a fan of Brian Armstrong and coinbase they really are Leading the charge here in America for Fair crypto rules they are under intense Scrutiny and forced transparency since They are the public crypto company Leading the charge And generally speaking I like CZ and Finance CZ built the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world Because he listened to the users and Built what the users wanted to use CZ Similar to Brian Armstrong actually is Responsible for so much crypto adoption Over the last several years also CZ Always seems to get accused of fud yet Year after year he proves himself and Proves his company he also was Responsible for sliding the scale and Letting the world know about this tether Fod on the other hand I mean to be real

Happens every single cycle and so far Tether has always been fine and it's Always just been Fudd now TUSD Tron USD I don't know if I love that seems like a Play for control however not necessarily A devastating thing for the crypto Market look if any of us knew the future We'd all be rich I tend to think that Bitcoin is in a bull market even if it's Just a technical bull market at this Point but the lows are in it's my belief And a bull run is on the horizon but Anything can happen you tell me what you Think in the comments below


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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