ūüö® FTX Founder CHARGED w/ HUNDREDS of illegal campaign donations! Solana vs Cardano

New legal trouble for the founder of the now 
bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX today   Prosecutors unsealed four new charges against Sam 
bankman freed the new charges could add another 40   Years of prison time if bankman freed is convicted 
Sam bankman freed the FTX co-founder charged   With hundreds of illegal campaign donations 
he's accused of quote flooding the political   System with tens of millions of dollars of illegal 
contributions according to new indictments the new   12-count indictment adds four more charges related 
to the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange   FTX which prosecutors say was a multi-billion 
dollar fraud prosecutors accuse Sam bankman   Freud of essentially stealing FTX customer money 
to fund his political givings and then covering   It up to help us understand what's new in the 
SPF investigation and the charges against SBF   Thus far NBC's investigative correspondent Tom 
winter Tom walk us through what we've learned in   These new charge charges what do we know about 
these charges sure Alison so as you said it's   Those four new accounts in that additional jail 
time that could be the most immediate concern   For Sam begman freed what we learned today in an 
additional 25 Pages worth of charging documents   Or more specifics and more details specifically 
tied to the campaign donation scheme that Federal   Prosecutors allege bankman freed engaged in 
so according to their indictment he funneled   Money through straw donors that would be if I had 
maxed out all my donations in a given political   Cycle and I wanted to continue my donations if 
I gave money to you Allison and then you made   Those donations in your name that straw donor 
ship and that is against the law and so that's   What they charged here today we knew that he 
engaged in some of these activities in the past   According to prosecutors what's new today is how 
they structured it and how they put it together   According to the indictment and specifically the 
totals of this are starting to really come into   Focus tens of millions of dollars of donations 
to Republicans as well as to Democrats the most   The majority I should say two Democrats it's a 
case that obviously will be closely following   Beckman freed has pleaded not guilty now this 
next part's interesting and honestly this kind   Of makes me angry this makes me frustrated to live 
in America because FTX Japan users are allowed a   Total withdrawal of their funds users rejoice in 
their escape from FTX so what are our Regulators   Doing to help us out as individuals say getting 
our money off FTX or what are our Regulators doing   In general to help cryptocurrency thrive in the 
United States it seems like the only thing that   Gary Gensler has done in the past few years has 
meet with Sam bankman freed regularly and the   Only thing he's done in the past few weeks is 
talk about how everything except Bitcoin is a   Security and this is not an official edict by him 
or the SEC I guess he's just getting more vocal   Saying that you know everything except Bitcoin is 
a security it's kind of like almost just creating   A little bit of fun and the Bitcoin Maxim lists 
are certainly running with this it's even more   Interesting that this article that Michael 
Saylor is quote tweeting where Gary Gensler  

Says everything but FTX is possibly a security the 
same article is very critical of Gary Gensler for   Being so close with FTX so the regulator whose 
opinion you're really promoting and propagating   Was in bed with FTX sailor you're not talking 
about this friendly reminder and this is from   A lawyer and bitcoiner and contributor of Bitcoin 
magazine so this is maybe a message to the Bitcoin   Maxis friendly reminder that gensler's opinion 
on what is or isn't a security are not legal   Dispositive in this country judges not SCC chairs 
ultimately determine what the law means and how   It applies now it doesn't mean his thoughts are 
irrelevant they're just not dispositive which is   To say the SEC can bring enforcement actions and 
get settlements but those aren't legal precedents   Companies individuals can choose to go to trial 
where the SEC would have to prove to a judge that   Something was a security if that's an element of 
the allegation I'm going to like this I appreciate   The alpha and Bitcoin maximalists celebrating Gary 
gensler's ideology that everything is a security   Other than Bitcoin cheering on The Regulators 
cheering on the regulation surprising and very   Dangerous for Bitcoin positive competition in the 
crypto space makes Bitcoin better monopolizing   Anything is dangerous to Liberty and Innovation 
and Innovation is good for Bitcoin case in point   I think the only reason that Bitcoin has 
ordinals nfts inscriptions whatever you   Want to call them this year you know native 
in the Bitcoin blockchain is because ethereum   Did it first with much success in 2021 and now 
Bitcoin has their own version inscriptions or   Ordinals or Bitcoin nfts have led to a big spike 
in number of full node Runners many new lightning   Users new partially signed Bitcoin transaction 
usage fee versus rewards are up 2.75 percent so   The craze goes in Ebbs and flows but all of 
this seems good for Bitcoin do you agree and   Of course Gary Gensler in the SEC they always 
maintain that what they're doing regulating or   Attempting to regulate crypto is in essence 
to help you to help users to help the actual   Investors now Charles hoskinson just dropped a 
bombshell revelation about the real motive behind   The recent regulatory attacks on cryptocurrency I 
want you to tell me what you think of this video   And props to J chains for creating this video by 
the way give him a follow if you have yet to and   Now let me know what you think is this the real 
motive behind Gary Gensler according to you   Today cardano Creator Charles hoskinson recently 
revealed that he believes the real trigger behind   The recent regulatory attacks on crypto are not 
because of protecting investors but rather about   Maintaining the status quo of the traditional 
Financial system now we all feel this the SEC   Is dirty from the top down do you agree with that 
statement let us know down in the comments now in   Other news Solana went offline again now it's back 
online following a second restart but the quick   Take is the Solana blockchain is back working 
again after two attempts to fix it Engineers   Are monitoring its performance I'm reminded of 
this video posted by a cardano bull steak with   Pride every time Solana goes down let's re-watch 
Solana co-founder celebrate focus on getting paid  

Plus shortcuts rather than engineering discipline 
now Salon is certainly not out Solana is going to   Be here cardano also here differentiating itself 
it doesn't go down it's very decentralized it's   Telling that the Solana co-founder said this about 
cardano it's been colored to [ __ ] and cardano so   I'm gonna say cardano next and that is because 
I used to be a Haskell programmer the approach   That they're taking is so extremely like esoteric 
with like such a huge stick up their ass about   Correctness that they'll this is why they'll never 
get a ship and it's almost like give okay they're   Trying right they're trying to build something 
that is like a cathedral as an engineer that had   To ship code like you know and get paid for it um 
it's just that stuff doesn't work you gotta like   Swallow you know like kiss a couple frogs in your 
design and like ship stuff and just get it done   And uh cryptocurrency is the future ladies and 
gentlemen now that might be hard to Envision just   Like in the 80s it was hard to Envision personal 
computers gaining adoption in the 90s it was hard   To Envision internet gaining adoption but cut 
to 10 years later now people were sure of it   Wouldn't it have been amazing to be in on personal 
computers in 1983 if you had some Vision so take   A look at this debate on The Today Show in 1983 
will home computers gain adoption crypto is here   Today my name is Aaron subscribe to the channel 
we're just getting started give the video a like   If you got value see you tomorrow home computer 
sales classroom computer sales seems to seem to   Have peaked and now I've hit a flat period and 
some say they're gonna think so oh yes they've   Hit a flat period what should that tell us I I 
really don't believe that they've hit a flight   Period the the computer Market is has been and is 
rising at about 30 per year and nowhere has there   Been a flight period it is not rising at nearly 
the rate it was going yes it is we disagree we're   Looking at two we're looking at two different 
we're looking at two different sets of numbers my   Question to you is is the home computer destined 
to become the the CB of the 80s the hula hoop of   The 80s well I'm glad you brought this analogy 
because like a CB it won't be very useful in its   Present form which is just talking to yourself and 
to your computer but like I said me when it starts   Talking to other computers throughout the whole 
country when we have several million machines   Interconnected and people can talk to each other 
and can exchange views and can do can transact   Can buy and sell and information can buy and sell 
informational Services labor I think it's going to   Be a very interesting period where we'll have an 
information Marketplace a new way of life I quite   Disagree yeah I think that won't work I I think 
that that the home computer is going to suffer   The same Fate by and large I say the whole movie 
camera people had the idea and still have the idea   That if that if I have a very expensive a very 
good home movie camera then they can make very   Good movies are going to be a good movie maker 
first that's right the trouble is you have to have   An idea okay and people forget that similarly 
to write good and interesting programs on the   Computer one has to have an idea ideas are hard 
to come by professor professor ditus thank you


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