Imagine waking up to a message that your bank 
account is drained so I'm a Bank of America and   Everybody's missing money I'm also missing money 
over thirteen hundred dollars and they're telling   Me to call customer service imagine waking up 
your bank account drained your money is gone   You can't buy food you can't pay rent imagine what 
happened to these people happens to you I'm also   Missing money over thirteen hundred dollars and 
they're telling me to call customer service and   They keep hanging up on people it's another Plus 
in here he's also made some money so we're trying   To see what's going on money's missing today and 
we ain't got money and they're already telling   Us to call customer service and customer service 
term service ain't doing nothing about it so just   A heads up it's anybody's experiencing this 
please let us know because this is not right   I missed some 1400 for my account and they're 
telling me that there's no way they can help us   So understand exactly what happened some Bank of 
America customers noticed and said hey money is   Missing from my account including funds from Zell 
deposits and transactions Ray Garcia has trusted   Bank of America with his money for 20 years in 
fact but when he noticed the problem happening   To others he went to check his own account I was 
surprised like whoa so I checked my transactions   I had like 15 different Zell transactions that 
was like a red flag for me right there because   I don't remember doing all of that in one day he 
says almost 700 went missing from his account he   Called customer service with no lock getting a 
representative this guy's missing money too this   Other person needs to make some money too and he's 
like you made some money too there you go so this   Is not something that's just one person this is 
everybody's happening to them and this is crazy   This is very crazy yes Bank of America decided 
to take people's money without their consent and   We're asking what's going on are they giving us 
run around everybody for the same thing man same   Thing if you bank with Bank of America check 
your account all my money is missing all the   Bills I paid in the past week sent my account in 
deep negative I called customer service and the   Message says due to uncontrolled circumstances 
we can't take your call so what do you do if you   Need to pay rent what do you do if you need to buy 
food what does it feel like to look in your bank   Account and see nothing there what does it feel 
like to realize all your money is gone it feels   Like the bottom drops out like your blood runs 
a little cold you know you get that like sick   Feeling in your stomach this is how Dion Haynes 
Heflin felt after receiving this message from Bank   Of America Wednesday morning Ashen noticed that 
I had an alert and when I looked at it it said   That my Bank of America account um had this 
negative balance Dion tried to reach the bank by   Phone in person even sending this Facebook message 
she later received this pop-up Alert in her Bank   Of America app if there were Zell transfers 
over the 14th through 17th of January that more   Than likely they were going to be delayed and 
they apologized for the inconvenience that was   It realizing she did use Zell the popular money 
transferring app but she still had no answers to  

Where her money was so what is the reason why Bank 
customers had their funds drained or at least had   No access to their money did Bank of America 
ever issue some kind of statement to explain   We reached out to Bank of America to ask what 
occurred to thousands Wednesday morning a media   Rep told us quote there was a delay in some recent 
Zeal transactions posting to client account it has   Been resolved this was an issue at Bank of America 
only would this be a good enough explanation for   You if this happened to you was this a good enough 
explanation for Bank of America customers Dion   Finally getting her funds back Wednesday afternoon 
says she's happy but also disappointed in the   Bank you feel completely helpless because there's 
nobody to answer a call there's no information to   Be had what do you do you're dealing with people's 
money and in this day and age every cent matters   Um every every moment in in time matters what 
happened to Bank of America customers was awful   Financially raped their money gone without 
explanation at the mercy of their masters begging   Their Bank please Master can I have my money back 
please help me Mr Potter help me won't you please   Can't you see what it means to my family Bitcoin 
ethereum cryptocurrency is a peaceful alternative   A way to opt out of the current Financial system 
Federal Reserve is one of the most transparent   Central banks in the world we that's a statement 
what what do you fear about the audit and issues   Like this Bitcoin is decentralized censorship 
resistant Bitcoin is a way to take back control   Of your money and never let something like this 
happen to you again and Bitcoin has come so far   In it's now 14 years of existence there's 
even speculation that U.S governments and   Governments around the world are buying Bitcoin 
and using Bitcoin almost all ransoms like this   Are paid in Bitcoin so if the U.S government 
was buying huge amounts of Bitcoin in order   To pay a ransom Bitcoin prices would surge of 
course so the question is has that happened   Oh yes it has happened since the Nationwide ground 
stop last Thursday the price of Bitcoin has shot   Up about 20 percent is that a coincidence now 
keep in mind the banks the elites the powers   That be they know that Bitcoin is a threat to 
their control of power they know that crypto is   A threat to them being able to control the people 
because if you control the money you control the   People why do you think Bankers continually go 
on TV and continue to fund Bitcoin Jamie Diamond   CEO of JPMorgan Chase on CNBC just yesterday it 
seems odd he's so negative about it we pretty much   Always have some crypto conversation with you I'm 
just curious because I don't think we've talked to   You since I think all that's been a waste of time 
and why you guys waste any breath on us totally   Beyond me because you just think the whole thing 
just is is going to zero going to zero and it's   Fake Bitcoin itself is a is a hyped up fraud 
to pet rock back to that really of course yeah   So what do you make then of BlackRock and other 
firms that are investing in infrastructure that's   Different blockchain is a is a technology Ledger 
system right that we use to move information we've   Used it to do overnight intraday repo we've used 
it to we're going to use it we've used it to move  

Money oh so bitcoin's bad but then if you create 
your own blockchain that's better right so that   Is a ledger that's a technology Ledger type of 
thing that we think will be Deployable remember   We've been talking about that for 12 years too 
and very little has been done I love how CNBC   Host Joe Kernan pushes back on Jamie Diamond 
here there are some tokens that I agree with   You on but but bitcoin's based on a distributed 
it has all the characteristics of of a store of   Value it's immutable it scarce uh it totally 
untrue it's 21 million well yeah really how do   You know it's going to stop at 21 million because 
I've mentioned this to people everyone says that   Well maybe it's going to get to 21 million 
then satoshi's picture is going to come up   And laugh at you all it doesn't understand 
that bitcoin's code is open source anybody   Can check the code at any time that's the point 
and by then Satoshi I've taken out billions of   Dollars what was your reaction to the failure of 
FTX and and all of that we'll stop it there I'm   Sure he goes on to say how wonderful FTX was 
take 10 seconds send this video to a friend   Or post it on social media get this information 
out there hold Bank of America accountable and   Help people understand that there are peaceful 
Alternatives my name is Aaron of altcoin daily   Subscribe to our channel for daily crypto coverage 
keeping you informed and everything going on in   The world involving cryptocurrency thumbs up the 
video If you appreciate us see you tomorrow get   Your tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th 
through 20th Miami Beach this year use code   Altcoin daily 10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin 
Conference of the Year ticket prices continue   To increase as we get closer to the event use 
code altcoin daily 10 off get your tickets now


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