🔴 US Economy is headed for a “DISASTER of EPIC Proportion”! 🔴

You do not have to see the car hit the Wall to know that it's going 8 000 miles An hour and it will hit the wall you Have to watch this whole clip we are Headed for a disaster of Epic Proportion This all according to Alex chishek Bitcoin OG x Microsoft ax head of Listing at OK coin exchange and this all Stems from the federal reserve's latest Rate hike just the other day my Colleagues and I are acutely aware that High inflation imposes significant Hardship as it erodes purchasing power Especially for those least able to meet The higher costs of Essentials like food Housing and transportation and we are Strongly committed to returning Inflation to our two percent objective At today's meeting the committee raised The target range for the federal funds Rate by a quarter percentage Point Bringing the target range to four and Three quarters to five percent and we Are continuing the process of Significantly reducing our Securities Holdings the FED continues to tighten Yet also increasing its balance sheet From the Federal Reserve the balance Sheet did Rise Again by 94 billion Dollars how did it happen where there Was less borrowing at the FED emergency Discount window however the fed's new Lending facility which it opened to Provide additional liquidity to the

Banking system that was up by nearly 42 Billion from the prior week so banks are Liking this program where they can take Their discounted uh treasuries and Mortgage-backed securities and get Loaned at par so the FED is still doing Quantitative tightening but it's also Increasing the size of its balance sheet Through this additional lending that's Going out there so this all sounds Almost contradictory the FED is still Doing its quantitative tightening yet Also increasing the size of its balance Sheet with its additional Lending do you Understand what a unique scenario this Is and what this means for us as Investors yeah explain this isn't Contradictory the FED tightening while Also in this case expanding the balance Sheet how does that work Yeah it's a little complicated to Explain a little complicated to Understand but the idea is these are Temporary measures that are designed to Provide additional liquidity and they Create reserves upon which banks won't Be out there lending again so uh these Are temporary reserves that are out There that some of which will go away For example when the um uh when the Banks are are sold the the receivership Are sold that loan to the FDIC that'll Go away and when this program runs out In a year's time these reserves will

Also go away so it's a temporary thing The FED is continuing to sell uh or Allow its balance sheet to run off Through quantitative tightening while Providing some temporary liquidity that Should not be inflationary because it Should not enhance economic activity in That time whether or not it has a Downward impact on interest rates that's Another story temporary measures Designed to provide additional liquidity They always say temporary they always Say this shouldn't be inflationary we'll See in the shorter term we are headed For a disaster of Epic Proportion do you Think Barry Stern Light does Starwood Capital chairman and CEO on government Spending fed tightening Regional Bank Insolvency and the economy hitting the Wall you have a federal government That's spending money at a rate of 1.7 Trillion dollars the biggest customer of The whole economy the federal government Across the hill spending money as fast As they can and they're not actually Changing their spending patterns based On his interest rate raises so the only Place he's going to impact is private Enterprise and it's all their fault There are 400 phds of the Federal Reserve 400. this weekend me and two of My colleagues went through six Regional Banks and if you had to mark them to Market they're all insolvent you do not

Have to see the car hit the wall to know That it's going 8 000 miles an hour and It will hit the wall it will most hit The wall I've always focused with you When you say hit the wall the car hit The wall you mean the commercial real Estate market with the office well the Economy will have a hard Landing I mean That this this this Pro this he is using A steamroller to get the price of milk Down two cents he's to kill a small fly And I think it's time we sort of changed Your conversation there's good inflation And bad inflation good inflation is wage Inflation we should be having parties The 50 in he's limiting inflation to two Percent so the guy making 15 bucks an Hour is going to get a 30 cent raise That is not what this country should Develop right that's not what we should Want so many people think that Cryptocurrency is done so many people Think that cryptocurrency is going away But if you look at the signs crypto Adoption and crypto integration into our Daily lives is just beginning this is What we do all the time on this channel Altcoin daily subscribe for daily videos Keeping you updated on the entire Cryptocurrency Market NASDAQ to launch Crypto custody services for Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2023 to inaugurate their Digital asset arm NASDAQ is the latest Traditional Finance giant to Pivot

Towards crypto joining the ranks of Fidelity Investments B and Y Mellon and BlackRock just goes to show you if You're well connected with those in Charge you have no problem doing stuff Like this cardano we have reached 4 Million Ada Wallets on the cardano Blockchain we are averaging between two To three thousand new wallets daily Dexes versus Sexes decentralized Exchanges versus centralized exchange Volume ratio is at an all-time high up 25 percent since the FTX centralized Exchange collapse even Solana Solana Reaches the highest number of daily Transactions 26.9 million since October Of 2022 very bullish on the ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem ethereum scaling Solution ZK sync launches its Alpha Mainnet we got another one after four Years of building and multiple Milestones ZK sync is finally launching In ethereum scaling solution to the Public after four years of hard work the Door of the ZK sync era ethereum's first ZK evm mainnet is finally open to all Congrats to the matters lab team the ZK Sync era ecosystem and the entire Ethereum Community the era of freedom is Waiting for you speaking of ethereum Layer 2's continuing to get bigger and Better by the way guys like the video if You're getting value subscribe if you Want to be a part of daily crypto

Content speaking of ethereum layer 2's Immutable X and polygon Labs team up to Expand its web 3 gaming ecosystem web3 Gaming developer platform immutable is Forming a strategic partnership with Blockchain protocol polygon labs to Accelerate the development of web3 Gaming according to a press release Immutable will power its platform Products using polygon's zero knowledge Tech to simplify the process of Onboarding game studios and developers In web3 the alliance aim is to provide An option for businesses quote that Accelerate time to Market and give them Access to an ecosystem that will be one Of the largest and most liquid for end Users immutable president and co-founder Says this by combining the number one Web 3 gaming platform immutable Currently serving hundreds of game Studios and millions of players with Polygons Best in Class zkevm Tech we are Building an ethereum-centric gaming Ecosystem that is poised to take web 3 Mainstream and bring digital ownership To millions of people around the world Billions of dollars of Skins are sold Each year with no rights for players We're changing that so that players are In control and ownership is the Expectation very bullish on bitcoin very Bullish on ethereum and ethereum layer 2s very bullish on gaming another

Example of gaming Gala games taking care Of some bad players which caused their Ecosystem harm game 5 project Gala files A 28 million dollar lawsuit against p Network the lawsuit stems from a million Dollar exploit in November 2022 that Allegedly took place due to a private Key leak Gala trying to make that Situation as right as it can we've been In a period of fear uncertainty and Doubt for about six months now maybe Even for the next six months will Continue being in that period of fear Uncertainty and doubt make no mistake About it guys Bitcoin ethereum crypto is Coming back with a vengeance stronger Than ever get your tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami Beach this year use code altcoin daily 10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket prices Continue to increase as we get closer to The event use code altcoin daily 10 off Get your tickets now


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